Robert Cohen Nigerian Scammer

by Margie Jacobs
(Van Wert, OH, USA)

I met this man on Christian Mingle. He was supposed to be a civil engineer working in the UK on a temporary assignment. He supposedly was a widower; his wife having been killed in a car accident three years prior.

He said he had one grown son, happily married, and a four year old grandson. He wanted to leave the CM website almost immediately and go to yahoo chat where we talked frequently.

He sent me frequent, flowery and very Christian e-mails, often containing poetry and/or Bible passages. He was wonderful on paper. He did begin calling me, but the phone calls said they were coming from Nigeria or Cote-d'Ivoire.

When I questioned him about it, he said calls get re-routed all the time through different countries. Then when it was time for him to return to the states, supposedly he was having trouble cashing his check because he was not a British citizen.

He wanted me to send him money for a plane fare and he would repay me with interest. When I refused, he became very angry, began name calling, and his grammar, spelling, and sentence structure were almost non-existent.

My ex-husband at least still cares enough about me to help me track the IP address of the e-mails. They were all coming from Redmond, WA, and not the UK.

When I got on yahoo chat with "Robert" and told him that, he called me more names, told me never to contact him again, and said that he was blocking me.

That was the last I've heard of him.

I have a broken heart, but at least my bank account is intact. I did report him to the FBI.

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