Rig under Attack

by BFBDana

The oil rig off of Tripoli, Libya is under fire.

He wants me to apply for emergency leave and pay and send $1000 because he does not like the situation.

I wrote that the oil company Shell should pay for his and his co-workers under these circumstances.
He kept asking if I would send the money. When I said that I could not, he called me "Judas" and tried to make me have a guilt trip because I should help being a Christian.

He also loves to visit Milan and Paris, likes designer clothes when not on the rig. He is a widower with a young son. He also uses the term, sunshine.

We ended our chat on Hangouts. I do wonder whose the photos really are. Nothing comes up on reverse search. Probably stolen. Lesson learned.

One photo is lounging wearing colorful Prada shoes and a black suit. Two others show him doing arm curls, one is standing on a beach. His head is shaved and he has blue or hazel eyes.

Story is similar to the others.

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Jul 15, 2017
by: Anonymous

Mine too called me Sunshine all the time but he was in the Gulf. He wore a British Jacket in one Picture, a tux in another with red bowtie. Most pictures were by rocks and a white railing by water and one in a blue shirt he said taken on the Rig in the Office.

How pathetic when the company never heard of him He told me since I would not send no more money he would find another easy person who would not ask questions and he will get her money too.

Please be careful. His last name was Anthony he said. Wanted my bank account, wanted my cell number. That was a no for sure on both. Did not know they can get stuff by ordering just by your cell number.

How ironic that is.

Take care.

Jul 08, 2017
by: Anonymous

He is same as all the rest, takes your money then your heart💔

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