Richard Milford

by Isabella

Hi there. Thank you for creating this site. I have been in a two month relationship with Richard Milford. An oil engineer originally from Fremont CA, half swedish, wife died 5 years ago in a car accident.

He should send me his payment from Chevron by cargo (780000 dollars). Watch out for located IP adress in the Netherlands and Nigeria. The GSS Logistics are collecting the custom taxes (I upload one picture of the fake certificates they sent) and I already paid 70000 dollars in different custom taxes. Of them I borrowed 5000 dollars from the bank. The money is asked to be sent to a bank account in China, then another one in Canada.

The guy Richard Milford - handsome, good English, poetry, extremely skillful with reading my emotions and talking about my needs. He played no victim of giving me feelings of guilt. Things just happened to be a mess. Playing rich and asked me to be his wife. We should have family. He got me on Facebook and quickly asked me to download Hangouts.

Love verses copied and pasted every day. I am his queen, princess, honey bunny, love, angel... Extremely good in writing letters, sweet talker on the phone.

His number is 1(510) 413-7182


Born in 10 of May 1972.

His Facebook profile disappeared a few days after announcing our relationship. He was working so hard on the rig and he had no time with Facebook.

My friends started to worry about me and one of them found this site. The bank warned me too but I was so madly in love so I did not listen to them. I checked the adress he gave me in Fremont and he was no owner of the house he claimed to own. I called both Chevron and Blakes international rigs. Chevron said he is a scam. I am waiting for an answer from Blakes. They are looking for a guy with that name on their rigs right now. I am still in touch with the guy.

I will report the GSS Logistics to the Swedish authorities. The organisation is global and they operate internationally. I wonder if Interpol could be interested in this case. There is a company called GSS Logistic registered in several places in the US, UK and Europe.

I sent the money with the intention to build a happy family with the man who once in a lifetime made me feel worthy. I am of course feeling bad, but no shame though my love was true. I am a single mother, now in debt and I do not know how to tell this to my family.

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Jul 15, 2017
Tracing a bank account.
by: Isabella

Hi a nigerian citizen! Thank you for your comment and your kind words. Well, I contacted the bank where the account is and it is a private account with a name of a person I actually located by goodle search. There is no one with the same name in the particular town. The guy is a nigerian and I have both his name and picture.

Anyway the guy I have been talking to could be anywhere. You are right there. But not only the bankaccount was owned by a nigerian but the website of the logistic company they used to drain me on money.

Anyway, of course I will move on, though my future is broken and all my money is gone. It was my lifes savings. So yes, it is easy to say move on but hard to do when they have stolen all my dreams and security.

I hope karma will do some justice in the future. What this guy did to me is pure evil.

Jul 12, 2017
Advice from good citizen of Nigeria
by: Anonymous

Isabella I am sorry to see you lose that much to a scammer. You can check some of my posts on this website. I want you to know that the IP you see is not the actual location of the scammer. There is software call VPN which is mostly used by scammers, and it changes location to any country or city. They can pretend to be wherever in the world.

I want you to know your scammer might be a Nigerian or Ghana kid. They play with people's emotions and milk them out of their hard earned money. And lastly the Bank account cannot be traced because it's called a mule account. The account is opened to receive and transfer fraudulent money. That is what the account is meant for.

I will advise you to move on with your life, I believe life is a lesson and the more you live the more you learn. You can ask me any questions you will like to know about this scammers and how they operate. I AM A NIGERIA CITIZEN

Jul 07, 2017
by: Isabella

Thank you for your compassion!

I actually traced his IP from the only mail he sent me. The guy is located in Council Bluffs Iowa, the company is located in CA with website in Holland and bank accounts in China and Canada. So the mafia is organised and large. I sent info to the FBI, the canadian bank and Interpol.

I got no answer from the authorities yet.

The swedish police closed the case immediately. I wonder if there is some justice? The next time I visit the USA, I wonder if I should go to the local FBI office?

I will never get my money back but I have names, I found the identiy of one of the bank account owners, IP, bankaccount numbers. Everything is possible to trace and I did the police investigation myself.

Why don't they take action?

Jun 23, 2017
Thanks for sharing
by: Anonymous

It's horrible what these predators do to vulnerable women looking for love..i have learned at 50+ there are not too many desirable men. All the players and scammers hang out on the dating sites and face book. Most of the really believable scammers are from Nigeria and Ghana.

Even doing the reverse scam where they are so obviously not what they posted as a profile. When confronted they are remorseful and try to suck you back in.

I've been baiting scammers for awhile..seen all the card, travel agency, calling cards, iTunes cards....its craziness.

Let the buyer engaged in a match with one for 11 months...they will go the distance to get what they want..he has gotten nothing but hours of calls, email and

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