Richard Johnson is his name

by Andrea
(Miami, United States)

He claims to be from Texas. Have 2 kids a girl 5 years old and a boy 9 years old. He was transferred to Turkey for 5 months to do a mall construction. He claims to be an architect. He contacted me by Instagram and asked to go to whatsapp, and the next day he deleted his Instagram.

He was very flirty and immediately said that he was in love. After a month of talking he said his son had an accident and needed surgery and because he lost his wallet with his credit card he couldn't pay for the surgery. He wanted me to send 6000 us dollar by bitcoin. When I refused to send the money he started blaming me for whatever happens to his son.

I blocked him from Whatsapp and the next day his Instagram was up again. I reported him also on Instagram. Be very careful he knows what he is doing.

Don't send money!

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