Richard Hanson

by Anki

Hi. I am from Sweden. Friend request from Facebook. His name there was Richard Hanson. Thunder horse, oil rig, widow.

Quickly asked me to go to Hangouts, and after a couple of days he took down his Facebook site.
He sent me more Pictures on hangouts on the same man as at Facebook (a handsome man). I was very suspicious. He asked me about my work and when I told him he Said that must be a job with good rewards.

He wrote me love poem all the time but he didn't answer directly on personal questions. He asked me if he could call me after a week and I admit him to do that and it was last night. I was pretty sure that he was a scammer. But after the call, I was convinced, he is a scammer. But I wrote a message to him that there are many ways he can prove that he is the one he says. He got a little offended and then quiet.

This morning I wrote a message that I know for sure he is a weird goldigger and that I will track him and report this. I'm so done with him and very glad that I discovered him so quickly before I got emotionally involved. I feel so sorry for people who get fooled. But remember it's never your fault the shame is on them.

But I really want to find the real man in the picture so I can warn him. I have saved all the pics. Can someone please help me how to do it. I think his real name is Brian because on one of the pics he had a cup from starbucks and was named Brian (what a clumsy scammer).

Here you can see a few pics he sent me.

Kindly regards


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Dec 31, 2021
Also in Sweden, very similar story.
by: Anonymous

He contated me on but his profile vas deleted after about a week. He called himself Ryan Evans and said he was from Liverpool. One of the Photoshops he sent me I googled and found a man named Brian J Theobald.

I also got the pic with the stabucksmug that says Brian. I don't know what to think anymore.

But I'm so glad I didn't buy his lies.

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