Richard Albert scammer

by Anonymous

Met through Instagram and he said he was divorced and had a daughter and worked as an oil engineer for BP on an offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Owned a house in New York and in Texas, and told me he loved me and wanted to marry me all after a few weeks. I should have known then it was a scam but he pulled on my heart strings so I kept engaging with him.

We never FaceTime because he said it is not allowed on the rig but we talked almost every day. One day there was an accident at the rig and he needed money to fix the equipment or else he couldn’t leave. I don’t have much so I couldn’t give him the full $20000 he needed but I did give him a couple thousand. Then he convinced me to buy bitcoin because it was going up which I did and then I never heard from him for a couple weeks.

He then messages me saying he has been in the hospital because of another accident and needs $10000 for medical bills. I wanted this to be real but I realized he just wants money and now I am broke and have never seen or met him.

With help from friends I can admit I have been scammed and wish it will never happen again

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Jun 25, 2023
Craig Jansson
by: Anonymous

Found him on HI5 dating side. His name was Craig Janssen from the USA working on the oil rig living in the UK having a 6 year old son, wife died of Cancer.

He sent me plenty of pictures and got agitated when I tried pushing for video chat. He didn't asked for money. Probably he realized I'm more of a realist. He did the big mistake when he called me, because immediately I knew he is a black African guy. I'm pretty good with the computer and saved the pictures and used google image search.

Of course I found out he is a dangerous scammer. Another name he is known by is Richard Wong but his real name is Richard Iga Albert.

Girls ladies be careful.

Jun 13, 2022
by: Anonymous

He said he was originally from Italy, worked and lived in the UK, worked on a carnival line ship as a captain. His friend's name is Benjamin, he said he was single with 1 brother and his mother, without children, 42 years old.

With his birthday on February 10, he said that he would send some document and his identification to stay in Mexico for 6 months, he used a package to send, however he had sent cash without warning. He sent videos of him and the package that he sent from Arabia, where they had had time to rest, the amount he sent was close to 200 thousand dollars.

He contacted me immediately because I refused to receive a package with those characteristics. I confess that I fell into his network, I was emotionally devastated by many family and work situations.

He sent the parcel line that would transport his package, and later the person in charge of the delivery sent evidence that he was here, before that, he sent the money through the Halk Bank of Turkey, and obviously he requested an amount for the amount of 5,000 dollars, which I did not have available.

Alex told me that his mother would send and sell many of his brand-name clothes so that we could raise the amount, and his mother sent 1,060 dollars to a bank account since they provided us with a account in Bancomer Mexico to obtain the payment. He sent the deposit in the name of Mariel James, his mother sent the amount of 3000 dollars through his work apparently by his boss named Fiedrich for the Lyons bank. I apply the rest of the amount.

Later, the Halk bank notified by text message the deposit to my account, for the amount of 4,0125 Mexican pesos, however that amount is not allowed in Mexico, so it was seized for investigation to prevent money laundering. Alex told me that He needed some money from that amount to pay for his apartment and send money to his mother, however when he found out that there were problems obtaining the amount and that other taxes had to be paid, he tries to get more money to settle the amount that they requested which was 10 thousand dollars.

I was able to apply 1500 dls and he applied 5000 through the bank account of his work in the lyons bank but again through the account of his boss.
However, I did not have the amount to be able to settle, so he has not stopped talking to me despite telling him that I lost all my money, he has said that he is also without money.

I confronted him saying that his image had appeared in a scam, and he said that his identity had been stolen however he has photos that he has worked at Gazprom 2 oil platform, and he has a carnival cruise line ID. He does not speak Spanish, and I have made calls with him and 3 video calls, as well as he has sent me videos of him speaking.

I do not know if I have had contact with the real one now with all this information that I have read on this site. He contacted me on Instagram first time but now WhatsApp and telegram, with email not much.

Aug 29, 2021
Richard Albert
by: Anonymous

I think I am talking to the same person except he has a six year old son. He calls me his queen and wants to marry me.

Good thing I saw this site!

Apr 22, 2021
by: Anonymous

Hi please notice posts like Samuel Bazintor Javitxu Pacheko. There are many posts from this man's photos. All similar stories. Work on the oil rig. Something goes wrong and everyone needs money to fix it. If you send them money, they will still come up with all sorts of stories and keep asking you to send them money.

I was also cheated and lost money. They are all crooks. All must be reported. They rob innocent women of money. They are fraudsters and effective liars

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