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by EP

Been a part of TN for 10 months. The savings are real especially on furniture, vehicles, and jewelery. I have refered it to about 11 people and make about 1500/month. As I continue to share, I expect to earn even more.

If the savings are real, (and they are) its a no brainer.


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Tom H
by: Anonymous

There are NO savings to be had at TN. My cousin pitched this scam to us a few years ago. It was comical. I loved the "cant see the savings till I join and pay up $2200. The crowning blow was we told her we would join if they could save us $1000 on a Chevy quote from our local dealer.

Of course she couldn't produce.

Its still a scam.
by: Anonymous

Team National is the old war horse "buyers club" scam. You are to believe you will receive big savings and as a bonus you can sell membership to other poor saps and benefit on their misery.

Does this stuff never end. I remember a guy I worked with in the 80's hawking some buyers club at like $1000 to join. He basically lost his $1000 and never enjoyed any savings. Same deal here.


What have you saved
by: Paul

I have been researching for 4 hours. All i can find is how horrible team national is and always multiple shills show up in the comments saying the SAME thing, "they saved THOUSANDS, especially in cars,furniture, and jewelry".

IT's always thousands and always those 3 categories. Now what i want to know is will someone who loves this obvious scam sooo much please tell me specifically about a product they bought(NAME, BRAND,SIZE/MODEL, and PRICE)??????

I would like to actually SEE the savings before i agree to anything and I have failed to find ONE product(other than the insurance that was bogus and the owners went to jail) that TM says I can save money on!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't know yet
by: joe

Just went to a meeting recently and don't know if this is right for me. I have tried 3 other MLM plans and have had no success with them. The discounts sound really great if I had the income to purchase a lot of stuff, but that is not my case.

If you are redecorating a house or building a new one the discounts might save you a bundle, but for everyday people the savings might not be that much.

So I am still thinking about the membership. I don't have that much of a friends network to be able to take advantage of this plan.

Good Luck to you all!

Team National
by: Anonymous

I have been a part of Team National for three years.

I have saved thousands using the membership and have made an incredible amount of money referring the membership. It's a 15 year company that is very ethical. I would recommend this company to anyone.

BF in Louisiana

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