Reps and Recruits are client first and foremost

by Bill

In 2014, apart from any sign up fees paid, corporate Primerica charge each rep an average of $424 for things such as their online system (POL) and marketing materials (brochures/business cards/training supplies).

In addition, each baseshop also collects fees for training materials and special seminars locally.

The above expenses are in addition to a reps/recruits expenses of actually running their "own" business on items such as fuel to attend twice the twice weekly office meetings, or driving to appointments, or travel/accomodation fees the may have paid for out of town events, including the bi annual Atlanta dog n pony show.

Finally, all recruits are offered a Term Insurance policy or investments, at full retail price (which is highly inflated due to their MLM system.

Contrast that with the fact that Primerica reports that the average rep sells less than 2 1/2 policies per year, with an average face value of $244,000. Premiums can vary greatly depending on many factors, however, the average commissions paid based on the above would typically equate to about $150-$300 in annual commissions.

If you do the math on that, the average rep is losing money working there.

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