Re:Mark Hendrix

by Anonymous

I was contacted by a man named Mark Hendrix through my Instagram account. His user name at the time was MarkHendrix54. He has now changed it to Smiles_12_22. He told me that he was an independent contractor hired by Bechtel to work on a off shore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

He stated that he was from San Francisco, CA and is originally from Switzerland. He stated that he had lived in the states for 30 years. He claims to have an Aunt Margaret that lives in Birmingham, AL. He also stated that he is very wealthy but yet asked me for a $300.00 steam wallet card because he needed it to process personal documents for himself while he was on the oil rig.

He gave me a DOB of 05/24/1967. The phone number that he gave me is a landline in Florida.

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