Reality Bites Rural America

by sheila
(Del Norte CO USA)

It's a very sad thing when a young woman will belittle herself to stealing money from a young man she does not even know.

Mary Anna Smith is what she calls herself now.

She has lead him to believe she is from Jackson village in Main. That she is in Nigeria at an art school and has no place to go when she comes back and would like him to send her money so she can get here.

He's a trusting young man about 20 or so and not a real social type so he's unaware of her lies to when they text only, because her computer is at school and she can not skyp with him but she has sent a beautiful picture of someone to him and she has sent it a few times.

Because he doesn't want to believe any one would be so cruel and lie the way she does he thinks he's doing a good thing! My poor son is about to get a swift kick in the butt about life and lairs like this one.

Little lady if you read this I suggest you stop what you are doing!!! Because if you do come here it will be the last place you'll ever go!!!!

Sincerely The Angry mother

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