Raymond A. Smith

by Anonymous

Matched on Tinder in the Liverpool area, and apparently on the weekend he was awaiting news of his deployment. I said I wasn't into having a penpal but he persuaded me to keep in touch via an app called 'kik'

He seemed genuine and was on his last tour before retiring. I felt for him having lost his wife 2yrs ago and left a 6yr old daughter with his mother-in-law. After a week he persuaded me to give £150 via moneygram for phone credit to ensure we could keep in touch!

I did as a one off but then became concerned when the following week he wanted money to get out as the one he had been provided was dire. I refused, but then he tried to get me to send him the latest iPhone so we could Skype.

I told him he was lying and I had wised up to 10days of OTT sweet talking and let it go!

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