Put up no soliciting signs to stop them befor they try

Dont ever fall for the pitch that goes something along the lines of hello my name is .... and im with DBR Enterprises. We are offering a daily promotional special. We are about to open an office in the area in about 60 to 90 days and are offering one free deep clean shampoo and scotch guard to one room in your house.

So everyone is picking the biggest room in the house on us hahaha - which room would you say you gets the most traffic in (your answer).

Great is it a thicker or thinner carpet. Great lets take a look.

They look down at the floor and point out traffic areas moving their foot on the floor. Great I can have someone out here to clean this up for you in about twenty to thirty minutes.

They come back around that time and hand you the price sheet right up front and tell you that its for sale but there is no obligation to buy. They always lower the price cause there is like a 1200 dollar profit if sold at full price. They stay in your home and push you to buy the entire time that they are there. They want you to believe that their product will save you money.

When their demo is over they will always call their boss and make a deal if you dont write a check for the full amount and it starts a little like oh really can we really do that like they are really cutting you a deal.

Please dont fall for their pitch or their sale. I spent maybe ten minutes online looking at kirbys and I found one brand new Kirby in the box for 500 dollars. Thats a big difference from the $2200 that they try to sell it for.

Please dont fall for this sales pitch

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Dec 07, 2016
They ignore signs
by: Anonymous

Kirby dealers will absolutely ignore a NO SOLICITING sign each and every time. I don't go to the door if I am not expecting someone and if I did happen to, I would firmly say NO (unless it was a neighbor child with girl scout cookies).

I would not argue or continue to stand there talking. I was say NO and shut the door. If they persisted, I would call the police. You can be sure they don't have the proper permit to be soliciting door to door. The police will fine and/or arrest them.

At the very least, they will run them out of the neighborhood. It just amazes me the number of people who let random strangers in their home! We live in a dangerous, it is simply madness to let strangers inside.

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