Prince Richard Contract Manager

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Not much is known about who Prince Richard is. As you've seen from my submissions to this site I expose who Nigerian romance scammers are. My alias received an unsolicited Hangouts chat invitation and struck up a conversation.

Prince says he is from Dessau Germany and is now living in Chicago USA. He is 62 years old and a widower of 4 years after losing his wife in a car accident. He does not mention much else about his wife and says he has been single since her death. He also has no friends.

What follows are the scripted Nigerian scam questions. All absolute rubbish about favorite color, food, movie, music, likes, dislikes, do you drink, smoke or do drugs. It's a scripted pile of toff being run by a young person who totally gets his story wrong. He doesn't wait for love because it's his son's birthday on the 16th. That is 1 day away after 2 days of talking.

Now watch how wrong he gets it, this text exchange is edited but all on our first day of talking;

Him: I'm a widower for 4 years now and blessed with one son who mean the world to me, I lost my wife to a car accident,before then she had several health issues but our dear lord saw us through until death took her away.i know she is safe with the lord...ever since the I've been single


Him: my Dad died when I was just a Kid, Mom died 2001, I'm the only Child of my Parents, My son james is the only close family I have got at the moment, he's my best friend, brother and everything to me.

Edit: So he has a son called James. We continue with his script but I'm baiting him. Then this;

Him: My favorite food is Pasta. I love to cook great home made meals and try new recipes when I am in town with my daughter.

Edit: Now he has a daughter. What happened to James? I note it and ask;

Me: I thought you had a son called James?

Him: My step daughter

Me: I must go now nice talking

Edit: You can see how he got it wrong. But I'll make the points so anyone who reads will know what to look for.

- He said he was a widower
- He said he was single since the death of his wife
- He never said he remarried and had step children (How does that work?)
- He has no friends
- He can't say anything about what he does for a living

As I am character limited I need to edit. But the above is them failing at building their alias to match mine In addition to the scripted questions, they phish and try to say their family situation is the same as yours

This one is in a hurry, to the next day as I ignored this kid, again, this is edited.

Him: I need to talk to you now..

Me: What would you like to talk about?

Edit: He starts the script again! No, I'm not going through that rubbish again. To the next day and again the scripted questions. I said I baited and now the grammar changes, I tolerate the script.

The new person just moves in wasting no time on love.

Him: James birthday is the 16th of this month (The next day)

Me: What do you plan?

Him: James is not up to the age of using a (Edit to cover alias) but he loves gift cards

Him: So I'm getting him enough

Edit: Okay, he has money and is buying his "son" the cards

Me: Okay

Him: As a surprise

Me: Great

Edit as he turns talk to my baiting and alias. Then they make
their move;

Him: Do you have gift cards at home? (All talk stopped about those, why bring it up?)

Me: I guess so

Me: Don't they get bought online?

Him: Oh really...I get mine at the mall

Him: Can you do that? Get online? (Why does he want to know this?)

Me: I bought (Edit) iTunes cards online

Him: Do you have like now?

Me: What do you mean?

Him: That would be much easier

Me: I got (Edit) them during the lockdown

Him: Oh....can you get one let me see if it's same He said he is buying James cards, why ask me?

Me: See here we can buy online (Link edited out)

Him: Somehow I can't get one here

Him: What's stopping it?

Me: The link I sent is the Apple online store

Him: Yes please can you get one there for me Now my alias is just being told to buy one

Me: Why doesn't the link work for you? It's Apple, they're global

Him: Yes...I understand it's like something is wrong with my cellphone I've been observing {What rubbish)

Him: Please can you get one for me

Me: Okay I'll do it at lunch. May I have another photo of you please? I'm not giving a dollar

Edit, a photo arrives and is attached. They're impatient and texting non stop.

Him: It's launch now

Me: By "launch" do you mean "lunch"?

Edit: They always fluff their spelling

Him: Great..have you gotten the card yet?

Me: Yes

Him: Okay great how can you send it?

Him: Through here right?

Me: I'd like to ask you a question or two

Him: I'm not good at question and answers but what would that be?

Him: Would you mind sending the card you said you got for me? (Huge joyful emoji removed)

Me: You seem to be very good at Q&A just all the wrong ones

Him: All I asked is just for us to know each other more better..

Me: Do you think I care about color, movies, music etc?

Me: What **** do you call that?

Him: I asked

Me: You asked what I'd expect of a 19 year old. You've the mind of a simpleton

Me: W57654**** that's the code for your card. Answer my questions, you'll get the rest I made one up

Him: No I need the pic

Him: Okay ask

Him: What's that

Me: Your son, became your daughter, she then became your step daughter who then became your son again. So it is fair to say I'm talking with someone young who has no children at all

Him: I said I have a son and also have a step daughter... And my name is Prince Richard You said a son and single for 4 years since the loss of your wife

Me: No sir, it is not. You go have a think about telling me the truth

Him: This is really embarrassing.

Him: what are you trying to do

Me: Make you tell me the truth about who you really are. You have not. I'm going to have something to eat. You've a cell, I expect a selfie with your spare hand raised when I come back

Him: This Is total embarrassment do you think I'm after the $1000 card?

Him: You can keep it

Him: I have a reputation to keep

Me: I'm sure you do. As one who lies, cheats and deceives for a living. In short you are a criminal trying to con gift cards for a living.

Him: Really?

Me: Yes, don't you bull**** me about not being able to buy online. You've the money so open your browser and buy your own ******* cards

That is how you stop them on the spot. They've no answer to that at all except to block me on Hangouts :-)

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