Primerica Scam

by Terry
(Windsor, CT)

Primerica is a scam. I live in CT, USA and was invited to listen to a presentation on Saturday night. I was convinced to join and my account was debited instantly.

The next morning which was Sunday, I told the rep that I changed my mind and wanted my money back. He told me I can only get a part of it back, because they did a background check.

How can you do a background check between Saturday night and Sunday morning?


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Jun 28, 2015
Primerica is lousy and scammers
by: Anonymous

I had a account with them and they were taking money out of my bank and whenever I asked why I never got an answer.

Finally I wrote them a snail mail and gave them my late husbands details since he is the one who got it. I had no idea about this until a few years ago. Well anyway I had the bank put a stop to their electronic withdrawals.

Only two weeks after i send them that letter I got two letters stating my account was closed and I have no money in my account. At the time they said the ending balance was 6.95 and they sent me check and two letters stating my account has been cancelled.

Well low and beholed just yesterday they sent me a bill saying they got a letter from my bank saying they will not be allowed to take money out of my account. Now they say I owe them 140 dollars needless to say I am not sending them one red cent.

I am sick and tired of there lies and they could never find the policy but they certainly could find it when they want money. I had even filed fraudulent charges against them and even the bank told them the account was closed.

These people have no idea what they are doing. They give you the run a round. My account was close so how can I owe them money.

I have been told by many people not to pay them and they are nothing but a scam artist

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