"Preying on Elderly"

by Carol
(Jacksonville, AR/Greenbrier, AR)

Yesterday, two "salesmen", I call them predators, cornered my daddy (an older gentelman) with what I come to see as their usual stalking techniques.

Long story short, my daddy, along with my momma, changed their minds because they realized they could not afford the $54.00ish payments for 3 years (total of $1,944.00!!!). My momma called the dealer this morning to cancel and she said she had no problem doing so.

The dealership owner told her they would return her old vacuum, along with a $100.00 refund of the deposit. Lo & behold, thirty minutes later my momma got a phone call from "the Kirby home office telling her that she actually just WON the Kirby vacuum through a drawing that they have quartely... YEAH, RIGHT!

She was told that she would get a refund check (in the mail) and that she wouldn't get a payment coupon booklet because she wouldn't have to make any payments... that she have won the vacuum, free and clear.

She wouldn't, however, be getting her old vacuum back. My parents seem to think this has solved their dilemma but I suspect they called and told them that just to put them off until their 3 day grace period is over!!!

Finally a word or thought... DO NOT DEAL WITH KIRBY!!! Seriously, if they approach your home, call the police!

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