Possible West Africa Dating Scam

by Akilah Grant
(Pompano Beach, Florida)

I've been conversing with a guy on Facebook named Michael Gibson Jnr. His story is that he's a single father of two kids, Jane and Jade who are 4 and 2 years of age. He's from Jersey City, New Jersey and is currently working in West Africa for a two week project.

He stated that his profession is a Computer Analsyt and project site manager. I spoke with him once through the facebook app and his accent sounded purely African and he didn't sound anything like an american so I've become very suspicious.

He's claiming to be looking for love and claims to have fallen for me but I'm not falling for it and wanted to see if anyone else is possibly being victimized by him as well.

He texted me from a north carolina number which is 910-552-1432. I've attached pictures that he's sent to me claiming they are of him and his kids.

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