Pictures of Innocent People Used in African Romance Scams

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Woman Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Woman Used by African Scammers


Another page with pictures of innocent people used by African's in online romance scams. These are of women used against men from well known dating sites such as and POF. Match in particular has many fake profiles and scammers.

The first image is of a scam based on a woman in Ghana. Irene Essel Plange is one profile and Essel Plange is the other. The women have different ages and stories. One refuses to send any pictures, the other only the attached.

The second image was used as Marie Moffat

The third image is of a person claiming to be 55 year old Judy Fanny from Melbourne on She asks you to go to Hangouts. What evolves takes time as they're not really pushing love. Judy has an inheritance in the millions and has gone to South Africa to receive the estate.

It all goes south when she learns of a clause stating she must be married to receive her inheritance of 20 million. Now she thinks it's a good idea to fly back to where I am so we can live a life of luxury. She only has $21,000 when she needs $40,000 for legal fees. Loan me $19,000 or pay it all!. The account below is used for theft and money laundering;

Account name: Financial Blue Trading pty
Account Number: 62524351690
Swift Code : FIRNZAJJ
Address: 10 Friesland Drive
Guateng Province,
South Africa.

Reference: Services Rendered
AUD 28,000.00
Email in use:

The final image is of a woman claiming to be Josephine German 39, a widow with a young son.

Email used:

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