Photos of Austin Simmons and a collage of Austin/Jeffrey Schubert

by L Rene

Oh yes this gets crazy, so I am on Tinder today and low and behold what do my wondering eyes should see...My lion king..but a fat version.. Same guy it is only obvious.  

So I Heart the photo on Tinder. He hearts back and we exchange information on Hangouts. Now everyone who understands the saga of Austin Simmons knows he is negative to skype, hangouts and anything but Text or email or call. Austin always said for me to bring my A game. What the hell happened to his.. .he is fat!!  

Why would someone cat fish with this image knowing I fish in Tinder regularly. So Austin calls upset and very quiet and I get the cold shoulder so to speak.  

OMG for me this is where my game gets interesting !! juggling Austin's leo ego and this new Jeffrey Schubert who is french but not born in Marseilles France.. and is born March 11.  Austin is Leo born in August.. Game on Dude !!  

What is my lion king doing ?? and who is the image its definitely the same guy.  Its obvious ~!  I want them both in my stable however Austin is at the end of his game.. he's not getting the 5000.00.
I will dive in deeper and ask him directly when we speak. I have always asked him for the truth ..his truths. I have told him.. he is my person.. I don't believe he will ever be honest about what he is and what he does.  

Specs on Jeffrey Schubert (I got rid of this one)

has a son
civil engineer
47 years
born in March
Lives In Georgia
Wife left him due to work

This should be a hootie hoot !!  

So my friend in another country found out this guy is all over Tinder and on Watch for Scams and Found as Martins Kelvin and Harry Cole, James Bill and Hays Batte. Pics stolen from a British man named Dean. Also as Gregory Giannu and Douglas Bohn.  All on Tinder.  

The match with Austin Simmons is coming to a closure.

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Oct 13, 2018
Its all fake
by: Anonymous

I wrote this blog over a year ago. I posted about my dealing with Austin on Tinder which started two years ago September 9. When the perpetrator engaged a woman on PoF he was called out. He lied on several accounts.

This is very typical of a yahoo boy. They believe the lies they vomit. This one is a sociopath and pathological liar.

He will do anything for his cash flow (hustle).

He is forceful and persuasive and very manipulative. He will demand an A-Game. He can be forceful. In a gentle way to get what he wants.

He does not want love, only money, or a way to mule his large cash stash. His victims are older women. He professes his love by using stolen letters. He uses garbage like this:

You are my bestfriend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on, you're the love of my life, you're my one and only, you're my everything.

Oh yah and he loves to sing:
All of me loves all of you
You are my lady

Omg is all I have to say about his singing

Just a sample of his style


Oct 06, 2018
Thanks Lindy
by: Anonymous

You confirmed what I already knew about this catfisher. Stay strong and don't let him for once
Cry his way back to your heart because he will fill you full of loving words to rip you off blind.

My 2 year association is over with him based on your post. He says he is out of calling cards. I bet!! I gave him every chance to come clean as a yahoo boy because he is that cunning and convincing.

Stay strong.

Sep 09, 2018
Lies & Deceit
by: Lindy

Austin and I met on a site, we chatted, he called me, I called him, sent emails and I even got a cell phone so that we could chat. Then I fell in love, he said he fell in love, made so many plans to meet, the day was set for Friday the 8th. of September, was to spend the weekend, I planned dinner for us on Saturday, had a nice day planned outdoors for us, did it all.

Thinking he was the one, I waited on Friday, he texted me and said he'd be here, Friday night came and went, then I thought he'd show up on Saturday, today as a matter of fact. He was a no show, no phone call, no text message, no email, no nothing, left me with a broken heart, saddened and depressed but I kept trying to reach him, no luck.

Just when you think you've found 'the' one, it leads into disappointment, and I set myself up for it without even knowing. Don't get trapped by this guy, as he's smooth, yet slime. I had to find out the hard way, so don't let it happen to you.

He's on the site Plenty of Fish, so beware ladies, he's got that bad boy look about him but that's all he has.

Thank you,
Lindy (

May 15, 2017
Looking for a Leslie or Heather
by: Anonymous

Austin Simmons has had activity with women by the name of Leslie and Heather. I'm looking to see if I can find Leslie or Heather that have encountered Austin Simmons.

He accidently called me both names so I'm sure they are on his rotation of women. He plays a hard core Nigerian game.

I would hate to see them hurt

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