Peter Wesley Oil Drilling Contractor Turkey

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Peter Wesley is on Scrabble GO and asks you to goto Hangouts. He is 60 years old, from Florida and currently working in Turkey on contract.

Him: Am from Florida but currently working in turkey due to contract I have there.

Me: What work do you do?

Him: I'm a drilling contractor and also a roughneck in the drilling field of occupation.

Edit: We are talking and he has the scripted questions. Images are exchanged and his return other profiles and names.

Him: I lost my wife 6 years ago, through a hepatic cancer operation.

Edit he tries for the religious angle but I am having no part of it. He is a regular church goer, tall at 6'1 and looking for love. He sends a 3 minute video of work on an oil rig. It appears to be of another man and the name is not Peter. Here is a link to a secure copy;

peterwesleyoilrigvideo.mp4 I've converted to jpeg so you can see as will not link from my own PC

To it's credit the video is good. They phish and ask the scripted questions while looking for love. He has hardly any friends, family or much going for him. After a few days he is cold, sick and not well. (He's playing for the sympathy of a lonely man)

Back to love and my alias is pushed on a relationship. I deflect and back to work, he sends the attached image of his work camp. Easily found with an image search and it is not in Turkey. We continue a light banter for a couple of days then the kid makes his move;

Him: Hey

Me: Hi

Him: How are you

Me: I'm well thanks and you?

Him: Not ok

Him: Just worried

Me: Why?

Him: I need a gift card.

Him: I don't have access to gift cards here, so that is why I аm reaching you.

Me: Why not?

Him: Remember am in
a camb

Him: That is why am asking you for help

Him: I am not asking for money - because he doesn't need money to fix the problem. (No. You want money)

Me: Okay

Me: Can you buy them online?

Him: No

Him: Please aid me with just $ 200 worth of gift card to fix this.

Him: You can buy it and send it for me.

Me:; Why can't you buy online? (That is a very fair question)

Him: I don't have access to gift card here that is why.

Him: Please help me

Him: Ok

Edit: He wants a gift card. He is going to get one!

Me: Hello, sorry took longer than expected

Him: So when are you getting me the card He is no longer asking, he is telling

Me: Why do you need a card?

Him: I want to update some of my documents that are outdated

Me: Oh

Him: Most especially the mapping of oil, resources area.

Him: Please if it not important I will not tell you ok.

Edit: He has no bank account, no cash and he is telling my alias to give him money

Him: When you buy the card, you will snap and send it

Me: Okay, what do you mean by snap?

Him: You will capture it

Him: On your phone camera and send it.

Edit: I'm going out and to the store to "buy" a $500 card

Me: Now I have this card, what do I do?

Him: You need to capture it and send it

Me: Okay hang on friend, you need to see the code right?

Him: Yes

Me: Edit insert picture of a used $500 iTunes card I've downloaded from the web :)

Him: Thanks

Him: I really appreciate your help

Him: Thanks

Me: You're welcome

Edit: Well that was at 1:30 am Lagos time and it was a useless card. I'll update with his response but he didn't get a dollar.

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