Perverted obnoxious salesman

by Jennifer
(United States)

I had the displeasure of having a very inappropriate salesman come. At first, I thought he was being a professional. That quickly changed. He made advancements towards me, made inappropriate jokes about my figure and what might be in my bedroom, as he was just going to walk right in without asking.

I had to tell him no way more times than needed. He didn't relent until my 17y.o. son said he could go to his room for the demonstration. He kept trying to touch my hands, he got way to close, and when he would make the inappropriate comments in the name of a joke, I chose to ignore them because I knew if he wanted to do something to me that he and the other man who was with him could easily over power my son and I.

When I wouldn't respond to his inappropriate "jokes" he would "joke" again saying that I was dumb and how it went over my head. So then I would say that I knew what he was saying, but was choosing to ignore him. And then another "joke" about me fussing or griping and trying to act like I knew. He was so rude and obnoxious. He used foul language even after telling him that I'm a Christian and don't cuss.

He told me he was very interested in me and wanted to get to know me better. And he wanted me to lie about my income and say that I was a full time employee when I'm a part time employee. I've been trying to call all the numbers to the store he works from, but no one answers and the message I get doesn't mention that I'm calling a Kirby store.

I've left messages, but no return calls have come. If someone has a number that will get me in touch with his manager, please let me know. Thank you.

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