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We joined Team National December 2006 through my Workers Comp lawyer. Now this man could sell ice makers to Eskimo's. Sadly we (my husband and I} are not that kind of people.

We struggled along and usually made more in commissions than the yearly $75 web page cost, but I knew we would never get our sign up costs back.

I can't honestly call it a scam, but eventually (as with all pyramid schemes ) it is next to impossible to make big money in it.

This past year, I have bought items that should have earned a commissions check and have yet to receive one. I have called about this but the woman was never in and never returned my calls.

Goodbye Team National!

Anonymous in SC

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SAorry to hear you were scammed.
by: Anonymous

I think you are being kind by not thinking its a scam. Did you know that 90.6% of TN affiliates made less than $470 in 2014? I bet the slickster that sold this to you didn't point that out. Only 0.03% made over 70k.

The deal with TN is that they are the classic pyramid scheme. Its all about recruiting and signing up new members so the founding family can benefit from you. They will prattle on about how it isn't a pyramid scheme (it is!). The offer the "buyers club" things as their product so it technically avoids the legalese description of a pyramid scheme.

I would suggest contacting the scheister that sold this crap to you and demand a refund which he will not agree to. Then file a complaint with your states attorney general.

Good Luck to you, I am glad that you did see this for what it is before investing more time and money.

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