Paul Hernandez pipeline engineer

by Rose

The scammer who has been using the name Paul Hernandez is very smooth and I got very badly burnt by him and his scam ring. He's been active on Tagged, Facebook, iDating4You, Catholic Dating, using profiles such as Sunrainbowstar, World Lover, Poetic Soul.

He prefers to communicate through Viber WhatsApp or Skype. He says he is working on pipeline repairs in Lagos and is widowed with a daughter. When he was in contact with me he said he was from San Diego, but I found him on iDating4You and he says he is from Illinois.

I lost a massive amount of money as he really did a psychological job on me. Two days before Christmas on his way to the airport to fly here to me he told me there had been a massive accident that resulted in one his workers being killed, others hospitalized and lots of legal cases against him.

I had no knowledge of scammers like this.

Luckily I got rid of him this year after learning about romance scammers and am rebuilding my life and my finances.

He used a US tel no: +1 619 359 2675 and Nigerian numbers +234 905 485 6996/+234 815 628 7132. Search for him on other scammer sites and you will find his full details, his many photos and the fake passport copy he sent me.

I hope my story helps other avoid the same awful experience that I went through.

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Dec 30, 2022
It’s now 2022 and he is still at it
by: Ellie

Beware, this person is now on a site called OurTime, a spin off from

As soon as he posted a puzzle to contact him offsite, I knew he was dodgy. I wrote to him, and he responded with an email very much like those in other posts.

As soon as I received this, I did a reverse image search and a plagiarism search. His picture is one of a Doctor (outed by someone on Twitter) and the text I put into the plagiarism site brought me here.

My eyes are well open, I’m continuing to communicate just to see what he thinks he can get away with.

Stay safe!

Oct 09, 2019
Scammed by Paul Hernandez on POF
by: Anonymous

I am completely new to the dating scene and was taken for a ride by a man claiming to be Paul Hernandez posted in Kabul Afghanistan on a peacekeeping mission. Luckily I was able to identify after just a few days when he kept sending me the same picture and couldn't talk on the phone that he was a farce.

Look out ladies. Luckily I didn't give him any information that was too personal but I was devastated.

Feb 17, 2019
And on zoosk
by: Anonymous

I have been talking to the same person for the last week. My first email was pretty much the same as above only he is now calling himself Bradley L Rodriquez.

I joined the site about 4 days ago and i'm hoping to meet someone special to share my life with, I'm sure you've already read my profile so I will tell you what's not there. I'm not the bar scene type of man and these days unless one goes to the bar (and I did not) it's quite hard to meet people for a connection. I am a person who is both easygoing and thoughtful. I am normally very caring and affectionate and I value honesty and loyalty. People who know me say that I am very reliable. I also like to think that I have a good sense of humor, since I am sometimes told so., One thing i didn't write on my profile is that I am American, I relocated from California to England, Surrey to be precise, Not every woman likes a newbie But I can only hope you do. But if not. We can wish each other a fond farewell if you're only interested in Brits.

I opened my mail and I saw your message and something told me we might be able to connect. I really can't say the exact factor that's attracting me but i believe because you read through my profile and took the time and energy to solve the puzzle, however the overall image of the person it painted, gives me the impression that you are the type of person I could have a decent conversation with and connect with and see what happens. I'm not used to describing myself in writing, so I hope I did not do a poor job on my profile. I suggested emails since you can email anytime and I'm usually available most times except I'm seriously busy

I will stop here for now while I wait your turn to tell me about yourself, I will write more in my next reply, until then, bye for now.
I have attached a photo


Who ever he is or they are they are very clever but I became suspicious when all he wanted to do was talk about how much we were growing to be together when he returned to the UK. So then I started digging. I found posts on delphifaq about him under so many different alias names. Rod Howell, David Williams and so many more. Be careful ladies!

Sep 02, 2018
Rod Howell
by: Anonymous

He is/was on Zoosk, got me contacting via a puzzle in his profile, which when worked through was an email address -

I stupidly responded by email, then had a few emails like the one below almost word for word.

The picture was of a very good-looking man. He only got my email and a few first names from my family, but I too googled the Skype phone number and found this.

So thank you and please DON'T work out the puzzle and email if you find this before you have made contact.

Thank you ladies.

Jul 10, 2018
He's back!
by: Anonymous

I have been emailing with "Rod Howell" for a week or so. He used the email and said the same exact thing as the email below stated. I was also skeptical regarding his grammar and asked where he is from originally, he did not answer that yet.

I also googled him and did not come up with ANYTHING. I gave him my phone number so he could text and I received text this morning and immediately googled and found this information. He said he will contact me by email next.

I am in contact with him now; is there anything we can do to stop scammers like this?

Thanks for the info, ladies. We do need to stick together!

Jan 18, 2018
Rod Howell a scammer Pof
by: Anonymous

Hi ladies, I'm keeping this short and sweet. Thank you for your information. Luckily I as well goggled his number 619 359 2675 Rod Howell and I was able to read your post and confirmed that he is the same man you guys were describing.

He reached out to me on the Pof site and told me the same things he told you guys.

Thank you for saving me a headache.

Jan 16, 2018
His name is now Rodney Howell
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting your experience. Same MO. I got his number to text and after about twenty minutes of texting and then going to Skype, I googled the number and found your posting. To the letter, he came up with the same information.

He is now on POF. Not sure who the guy is in the picture (pity as he is good looking) but I wondered about his grammar and having a master's degree.

I blocked him on Skype, texts and reported your findings to POF to block him and remove his profile.

Thanks again and hopefully someone else will think to google the number.

Jul 06, 2016
On NOW!!!
by: Anonymous

The idiot appeared on but disappeared the minute he got an email address out of me but my suspicions were rightly awoken when he changed the one dodgy profile photo at the last minute and for a supposedly well educated man that cannot even speak or type English let alone the poor grammar!!!

Will block the idiot now and report him to asap!

Here is his fairy story....his latest email address at the bottom of thread too. Same story re being widowed, one daughter, relocating bollocks too!!! Watch out Ladies!!!

"Hello Nice to hear from you, It was nice chatting with you last night and getting to your mail today, I really appreciate that you are really reading my messages and responding in kind with thoughtful sharing of who you are and what you want and how you see things....You are a thinker and I think a doer, That is a winning combination...i' m a cheerful, caring,loving with a good sense of humor kind of man and I believe i'm hardworking too,. I believe my bright character always attracts people to me. On the other hand I am understanding, peaceful and well-balanced person( somewhat elusive) but It helps me to create a loving and pleasant atmosphere at home, .I live with my daughter and my dog but my friends and relatives are always welcomed in my home.. i can cook and i can treat my guests with tasty dishes. You are welcome to try them also................It just crossed my mind i didn't tell you i was overseas for work, Like you already know, i work as an Independent Oil and Gas Pipeline Contractor, and I'm currently overseas (Nigeria) on a repair mission. I'm on a contract here to repair some damaged Oil Pipes and install new ones , I'm a hardworking man and i have done well for myself over the years, I'm actually working with local Engineers which I hired. I oversea the day to day activities of the operational group and they are highly skilled and that makes my job easier, i have just 4 weeks left to round up my work and i will be coming to the UK, I would love to meet you when i return and that's something i look forward to,. i hope you are a patient woman and will be patient enough for me to finish here ...the good thing is we still have enough time to know each other before meeting face to face.., .as for the distance that lies between us for now. People overcome greater challenges than distance, i believe distance is never a subject if you are looking for the most meaningful feeling in human existence which is love, I feel hope and want to explore this. And as it is said: who dares-wins! Thanks for the link to the school, i like it and so country like and somewhere i would love to stay definitely, i can work on that,

When i have spare time!!!, Well so much to talk about, but what is really important? I'm not sure, I like being outside. I like outdoor activities. live concerts, theaters , I really love the beach. Like horseback riding, and horseback riding vacations. I am not much for late night activities,i like visiting museums and traveling. I have visited quite a number of countries and i can say i have the natural ability to adapt easily and i'm a fast learner,, To stay fit I like bicycling, gym, taking a walk with my dog But my main passion is spending time outside, closer to nature and I want to be able to share all these and many more with that special someone, i know life is much richer when shared.....Well Some people ask me why I am looking for my woman outside my county or anywhere i choose to look. My answer is quite simple: I have realized that my soul mate might not be in my county. I am simply trying to keep my eyes, ears and my heart open to my beloved no matter where she is. I guess it is so enlightening to be with someone with a different perspective, seeing things the other way, sharing new views and for me, Love exist in all parts of the world and it doesn't matter where she lives

What do you do at your spare time?

Just wondering?? Do u have any tattoos??? I Don't have any

What is your specialty dish that you like to prepare/cook???

Do you enjoy music???? I love country music. Do you dance???

I love comedy clubs too...laughter is good medicine....I'd love to write some material and participate in an amateur mic nite..(bucket list item for me)maybe someday....provided I'm feeling brave enough:)

This will be all for now,
Your turn

P.S. i have attached a few pictures for you so you have an idea what my work looks like over here,, Do you have skype now? it would be nice to have a prompt conversation,
To: ""

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