Orthopedic surgeon in Somalia

by Josie

I have just been contacted today via facebook, and after reading your page by someone, I suspect is a scammer. The website used is Kavyashree BC and the man wanted me to give my e-mail address so he could 'talk to me better'.
I e-mailed the contact he gave me jb9548541@gmail.com and it came up with the name John Brown.

He claimed he was an orthopedic surgeon working for the UN in Somalia, widowed with a 14 year old daughter. He claimed he was German but lived in Waterdown NY.

I became suspicious when he asked me, as a widow if I was thinking of re-marrying which is not the kind of question to ask someone you have only just contacted, and he called me beautiful which was creepy from a stranger.

Thankfully I told him that my son is a police officer, which is true, and he has warned me about scams. I wonder if he will try and contact me again after that information, though I have blocked his account on my site now.

Is Dr Oliver using another name now??

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