Organized Witchcraft

by Anonymous

Well he wont say where he is now. No answers. Didn't ask how are you. Doesn't ask can you get a card. He makes it sound like I said I would?? Found out things he refuses to say. I know baby. I know baby. He can't call if he doesn't get a card. He has been told HELL IS A BOILING VOLCANO but he doesnt care. I told him my phone will die soon and he immediately came back to say Ive made arrangements to come home to the US. YEAH he said next week yeah he was in Hospital for a year. Found few things since I have been online

LADIES GENTS RUN FAST and should I turn him in to the international authorities? Burn
me once but not twice. He is quiet and expects me to believe him. Says, I'm just here and cant
call or text to tell me the arrangements as it costs extra.

My insides are saying this man isn't a Nigerian even though he uses them. I believe the real
guy is a American/Polish scammer/LIAR. He is home where ever he is. I believe isle of man

Folks Prayer Works and if we join together God is bigger than all this. They are felons and belong behind bars. WALK SOFTLY.


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