Organized Crime Oil Rig Romancing

by Anonymous

July 2019 will be 2 yrs. Mainly im wanting to see if he ever gets home. No more money, nor itunes

to cash in. I never heard of all this. They arent worth our time. We are the Faithful ones. They are dream killers. Its like living with alcholic only if he wants to change.

My advice get all these crooks numbers and i
found Utube of man who visited Hell. I wrote them paragraph about what they are doing is sin. To God murder and lying are same. Ive given them something to think about Numbers 32:23 Be sure your sin will find you out. And Romans 13:4 if ye do that which is Evil be Afraid. The Bible quoters what church they from. Ladies the devil goes to church. Bible says he trembles. I send Utube video these scripture and i tell them All opportunities that have been taken from me.

Things i might have done. I send it. This Marc
Freeman came back WHO IS THIS. I said whos this he said LARRY. HE said send pic i wanna know who
Talking with. I didnt. He disgusts me just reading comments. Then i block them. I want them to know payday will come from above. Do they watch video I dont know. It makes me feel better to let em know we know. How you get my # i say nothing. They need to know hell is real And lake of fire is no water pond. Thats how im dealing with my frustration. They dont care. Its devil himself working. They can blame Eve and a Tree she was disobedient. What these folks are doing is rape to highest degree. Its Organized they have a play book. I can prove. Ive found the
Very letters he used he wrote them word 4 word. So ladies i Know the lonliness, let them be
do what i am you'll get a much needed laugh and you'll feel some better. Their name is on nothing.

Go have fun.

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Feb 17, 2019
Organized Crime
by: Anonymous

This guy says he is from Athens Greece. All accidents going on. Knows folks in Egypt, China, Many in Nigeria, Us. Suppose to be stranded in Manchester UK. He needed money needed to go to Nigeria agent in order to get euro currency.
UK is pounds. He is either crazy well or he is a liar [it's a fact]. Stay away he as he is big whining crier. Will not tell you anything. He is on many social media. Beware

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