Oil rig widower divorced Texas

by Andrea

To uncover a scammer. He is online on hangouts deep in the night. (Nigeria-Time). He is always friendly although you have confronted him with:

Why don‘t you skype with me? Why don‘t you send me a selfie now? Why don‘t you send the video of the rig?

The answer is always- You know am busy darling!
Webcam do not work! Mobile phones are not allowed on rig, because of explosions. And thats the only argument that is correct. (But in the cabin it is allowed. They have the best WiFi ever on rigs)

Don‘t let that fool you.

The funniest thing was: He played with me Word with friends, while flying 8 hours from Houston Texas to Antalya (Turkey). Red flag red flag!!!

You have to check in 2 hours at Airport before departure. Then a 12h flight. But he wrote to me after 13 hours I am already on the rig! From Antalya to the rig in Black Sea takes with your cargo luggage and a team with 16 persons
no time??????? minus 4 hour time????

Ok, Scotty you beamed him ??? Ok.

Pictures he sent. I revealed them all as Photoshop-Fakes: Zoom the picture, Printscreen
Zooom, Printscreen, Zooom Printscreen. And then you see the wrong noses, ears, eyes, eybrows, the complete handycrafted person. That doesn‘t exist! Wrong head on the person with different shadows and so on.

The Picture of the guy he has (or they have stolen) is a financial expert in a Casino-Hotel in Vancouver. Poor boy.

I will try to contact him, to tell him which crime happens with his picture. To check the pictures, where they come from. I found all, even the bad photoshopped examples. Make image-search: Go on


Never send intimate pictures (They can blackmail you with publication!!!!!!) No pics of your children!!! Stay safe!

Am do that later, love (always poor English!)

(I speak better English than he does and I am a German).

The poems they send are all copied and pasted for example from


Scammers don‘t love or even like you. Never.

Don‘t tell them, how you uncovered them!!!!
So they can not remove their mistakes. Give other women a chance to uncover them!!!

Just say: I don‘t love you any more, I have a new boyfriend. Bye, wish you a good life.

And then: Never answer again!!! Cause they will put pressure on you! They can‘t work anymore! Am getting ill! Do I deserve this from you???


Block him.

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