Oil Rig Scamming Format How it Works and Protect Yourself

by Fred bridge

When someone chats you up on a dating website and tells you they are some contractor working on an oil rig in Europe or Africa, just be rest assured that you are having a chat with a scammer.

If you've been hit with the Nigerian Oil Rig scam, you'd testify that it follows this same format.

They meet you on a website
They make you fall in love with them
Then they make all forms of financial demands.

Once you agree to become friends with the scammer, he moves you from the dating site to Google Hangout (most likely) and initiates sweet conversations with you. He continues with this till he is sure you have fallen in love with him.

Then the billing commences. He would either ask you to send him gift cards because he needs to complete a project or something like that.

But the end product is that he is looking to scam you, so don't fall for it.

Always request for a video call - if not, he is a scammer.

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