Oil Rig Scammer

by Anonymous

Watch out for Michael Howard. Contacts women on Facebook. Smooth talker and falls in love in days. He claims to be a widower and has a daughter Lisa that lives with his elderly mother. Victoria is the mother and is taking care of Lisa in Italy. Lisa is in a boarding school and his mother soon becomes sick and is put in the hospital. Then Lisa is headed out for a trip to America with her school which she will need money.

Yes here it comes.

He is out in the North sea out from Scotland and has no way to send this money needed to Lisa's school and his mother is in the hospital and is unable to send money so he needs the one he is trying to scam to send 3200.00 for this trip and the young girls birthday.

Don't buy it ladies as he is a big time scammer and found him on the internet as Mark Willams on one of the scammer watch sites.

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