Oil rig romance scammer

by Anonymous

Guy got in touch with me through Facebook, and I stupidly accepted his friendship, and after 3 weeks, many chats, he asked me to change to the hangout site, more private, and started professing his love in one week.

Said he was 58 divorced from PA, but on a contract in the Gulf of Mexico, had one 15 year old son in a boarding school in PA. On the 3rd week he said he wanted to take a short leave because he wanted to come and see me, but his money was tied up in an on-shore bank, so needed $1000 to pay for a helicopter to get him off the rig.

But I had been doing much research on romance scams, so I absolutely told him no, and the relationship ended at that, and he got a little upset, and just quit contacting me. His profile pic is so handsome, white man, goes by the name of Dewitt Brenton, but when he briefly called me 1 time, he sounded Nigerian for sure.

Ladies beware he will tell you he loves you, sends poems, Utube love songs, and heart stickers

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