by Annonymous

I would like to bring awareness to all effected by this horrible crime. I would call them Conspiracy Felons. The man in the pictures claimed to live in USA Maryland. Claims to have 2 Sons and no wife.

Researching I found out more than I imagined. A wife 2 daughters. No his pictures were not stolen.
He is from Europe. He is major supporter of Bitcoin. Will pull you in if possible. I would give you gross details but they will not post it here. I warn you if you see him report him. He has done things only a true conspiracy felon would do.
He has very blue eyes and he wore glasses. His most recent picture if you look closely compare side by side the eyes are no longer blue. He told me once could you handle me? All I know at this time is I have no desire. He works quickly and takes all. If you know him I would love to compare notes. I have much about him I will share. A Criminal He is. He is a good romancer and even better liar. If you need more info we can talk. Leave a comment.

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