Oil Rig Engineer Scammer

by Anonymous
(Blanco, New Mexico. USA)

I don’t know where the scammer found this man’s pictures but he used the name Scott Atkins. He said he lived in Pigeon Forge, TN. Is an oil rig engineer. Divorced has two little girls. He scammed $200 from me in Steam Cards. He said he needed the cards to stay in touch with me on the rig.

He is very smooth and eloquent. Says beautiful things. He asked me today for 10k because he was short and needed it to go with the 30k he already had to purchase new oil pumps.

He found me on Pinterest and then asked me to go to Hangouts to talk to him.

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Aug 29, 2019
by: Helen

Please when anyone says they work on an oil rig they are scammers. When they say they are widowed they are scammers. Kids in boarding school mean a

Don’t give anyone any money. I call them out on it. The name is used in a lot of scams.

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