by Anonymous

Someone who called himself an Oil Rig Engineer added me on Facebook, broke my heart, cleaned my bank account!!! I was never interested in talking to strangers, but he used my sympathy and kindness!

He said he is biracial, migrated to the USA when he was 3 years old, his mom was from Scotland, his father from Hong Kong, his wife died 8 years ago during childbirth, then he was cheated by a woman he loved so much. He stopped making friends because of all of these sad things, and made up his mind to focus on working, he is a chief Oil Rig engineer now, loneliness really affects his personality.

Yes, all was a lie !! But I trusted him, and truly felt sorry for him, he was patient, he was very professional in telling lies !! He made everything look real and he caught my heart after 1 month.

He said he is doing a project for ENI SPA OIL & GAS company in Italy (Sicily). The project was worth 15.2 million Euros and he will be paid 13.2 million Euros after completing the project. He invested everything in this project

All looked normal and real, until one day he suddenly disappeared, and came back the second day, telling me his machine was damaged and he had not slept for a day and night, yeah, he was busy with repairing the machine but did not work out, finally needed my help to buy a new machine, because I was the only person that can help him out of the situation. I was so stupid, well, he prepared one month for this day !! I transferred all the money I had in my bank account to him…

After waking up, I was desperate, heartbroken, hopeless, but it was too late!! I have always been kind to people but was used and played in this way !!!

God, I hope this guy will be jailed for the whole life!! Then go to hell !!

He sent me a fake passport and photos!! They can make all faked photos and documents, and I believe he is cheating with a team, cheating is their business!! They can open bank accounts in cities all over the world and cheat women from different cultures! they have professional tools to translate their languages and finally defeat you and win your money!

So please, DO NOT talk to strangers! DO NOT send Money!!!


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Mar 13, 2021
More details about this scammer
by: Anonymous

I did not subscribe to this post although I wrote it, so I did not receive emails when you guys commented on it.

He sent me some photos, but I think all of them are fake photos, the person who chatted with me was actually not the one on the photos. I found a few photos on the internet, which he modified the face of the person and said those are taken when he was working, and I was so shocked, I wish I had searched for information earlier.

I did not see him, he always refused to have a video call, with the reason was bad signal at the sea. We had short voice calls and he does not sound American, his English is also not like a native, but when I trusted him, I did not think about it with my brain. He seemed to understand me so well like nobody ever did.

He is very professional in cheating and very patient. He said he is not on Facebook, but I found a few women who liked his posts (he only has a few posts on Facebook), and these women told me he tried to borrow money from them or asked for money with different excuses. When I asked him for emails of the dealer and his company, he created them, because the email had similar letters to his other accounts.

I can’t describe all of this, the cheaters are trained, experienced, prepared, we are not, so please DON’T SEND MONEY!

Mar 08, 2021
by: Anonymous

I read your post and you mentioned about this scammer and the sad things which happened to him and how he is affected loneliness.

My scammer said on many occasions I'm Sad. Would you give more details about him. His facial appearance hair color and eyes, beard, eye glasses, his voice. So many pictures are
stolen, Voice association is really important.
Deep voice, soft spoken.

Beware of thieves

Mar 06, 2021
Please Be Kind
by: Anonymous

Please be kind when you comment. These people have been scammed out of their life savings.

Broken souls. We never know when we may need a little compassion. These people are hurting.

Be Strong

Mar 06, 2021
by: Anonymous

We seem to find out after it's too late.
Excellent are their cheat skills lying is

Please report this guy. Would you be so kind as to leave his name here, what he looks like, his age, hair and eye color.

You are correct they have technology to change
voice, language and other deceitful trades.

Dont blame yourself these guys are part of a deceitful Organized Crime Group. We find in
this deception we cannot trust everyone.

Please report him what country is he from

USA has embassys for all Nations in DC.

Spain. Is. Emb.washington@maec.es


If it is Spain report and send you pictures
Conversations, emails, numbers.

Report them everywhere and get their faces, names and amount they took. They are Criminals and they
don't deserve to go unmentioned to authorities.


Mar 06, 2021
by: Anonymous

I can’t believe people still believe these scammers and send them all their money!

Mar 06, 2021
Report the crime
by: Anonymous

I am truly sorry that you have suffered losses the same way I did. These scammers are despicable lowlifes and they prey on people who are kind and giving.

First and foremost you must file a complaint with your local police department. Also report to IC3, Interpol, and share all the details with anti fraud agencies. Next you must take care of yourself and get the help you need to recover from this crime.

Check out againstscams.org for additional resources.

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