by Devasted

Scam name Stephan Hunter

real name Stephan Baensch.

Said he lived in Maryland. Extensive searching found the truth and it's in print where he is from. Blue eyes and glasses taken on day to be
released from hospital which was a lie. Newest photo he now uses on social media no glasses and eyes different color. Colored lenses.

This guy is more than a liar. Says he is in Church when home. Steals from women and goes to church. I have much information on this guy as proof. In the US he is Hunter and he swears he is in Europe

A Double life. A Picture He formerly used he has removed. He is on POF. On Russian date site I'm sure many others. He is a dealer in Bitcoin and he runs with wealthy ones who have taken people's money and run with it.

He is beyond deceitful. If he contacts you run as he will take all.

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