Oil Rig Dating Scam

by Rhonda

Marcus M Markou

Marcus M Markou

As savvy as I thought I was about these scams, I am being duped by someone claiming to be Marcus M Markou, originally from Lucerne, Switzerland, now living in River Oaks, TX for the past 33 years. This guy is also following the same script as many others have reported.

They have their psychological bag of tricks to play on women's romantic side to get to whatever it is they want from you. Marcus is supposedly an oil rig control man currently under a year contract in South Korea. The oil company is CNPC-BHDC from China. He said his father was also an oil rig worker in China, and his mother was a nurse.

He is, according to him of course, a millionaire with a home in an upscale part of Houston, TX called River Oaks. A google search for his name gave no results. I went to the real estate tax website for River Oaks but there were no record results for him. He said he gave his car to his brother from Tennessee when he left for this contract a couple of months ago and would just buy another one when he got back to the states. He claims he will retire after this contract is over because this, along with the other money he has worked so hard to save (claims over 2.2 million) is more money than he will need to live out the rest of his life.

This all started when he sent me a facebook request to be friends. I normally always delete these requests, but because he was such a good looking guy, I went ahead and accepted. Soon after, he started chatting via Messenger. After a couple of days, he requested to change over to Hangouts, which I did. I had never used Hangouts before. At my request, we have attempted video chats a few times, but each time my screen is black and I can't see him, and he says the same thing, that he can't see me, then hangs up and continues texting in Hangouts.

I told him I wanted to see his face since it was such a handsome one, so I get a video chat that is very grainy, not clear at all. For 2-3 seconds, I see this white man with gray hair longer than shown in his "real" photo, and can only see from his nose to his chin. When I told him to move further away from the camera so I could see his whole face, the connection ended. The guy I briefly saw looked similar, he was white, except that his jaw was more square-ish than the photo, and he looked a little older, his hair looked totally gray, not like the photo. It could have been him, but I doubt it. Every attempt at video chatting after that was the same...black screen, no image.

His voice is soft-spoken, he has a cute giggle when he laughs, and reminds me of the way my previous doctor spoke who was from Pakistan. Marcus has an accent more like a middle-eastern guy, not an accent like one would expect from Switzerland, since he said he spoke French while living in Switzerland. I checked that out, and there are 4 languages spoken in Switzerland, one of which is French. They did their research.

He says he met his first wife on facebook, and started dating her after a year. Then they were married for 4 years, then divorced now for 2 years. He says she is currently remarried and will want for nothing for the rest of her life. He says he gave her the world and she repaid him with divorce.

His profile page that I originally saw had several photos, but not as many as one would expect, and not very many friends. His excuse for that was because he doesn't have many friends because of his work on the
oil rig. Most of the photos had no likes or comments, but the ones that did seemed to be all from foreign countries like Nigeria, Morocco, India, etc.

This guy tends to get somewhat offended easily when I ask probing questions about him/his life. Constantly asks if I love him and if I really want to travel the world with him as his wife. Sends me love-themed music videos professing his love for me. This morning he sent me a romantic video mixing pictures of my family and him, which kind of creeped me out. He said all the right words to entice me into his web. I fell hard way too fast. All my senses had red flags, but I didn't want to believe otherwise. Bad me.

Through a very good friend of mine, I found out he had been texting and calling another woman in Wyoming. My friend connected me with this other woman, and she and I have been texting and emailing and sharing notes about this guy. Everything is according to the same script. Identical.

Interesting that the likes and comments that she sent me from what she could see on his profile did not match the likes and comments on the profile I could see for the same photos. When I realized that this was a scam for real, I immediately blocked him on facebook, unfollowed him, and deleted all his messages. He sent me a Hangout message asking why I did that and what was wrong. I told him that I found out he was texting and talking with another woman from Wyoming, which he denied, then he got defensive and said he forced himself on no one, and that I could leave if I wanted. I told him I would sleep on it til the next morning.

When I woke up, I had a conversation with the woman from Wyoming, and she said she knew it was a scam but she was stringing him along to see what more information she could get and to find out what his end game was which she thinks is money. I thought about it and decided maybe I would do the same, so I sent him a message saying I was sorry, that I over-reacted, and would he please accept my facebook request and read the posts I had put on facebook. He agreed. I looked at his profile page after that, and he had changed all the photos and deleted his friends except the one from my friend that connected me to the woman in Wyoming.

We have been texting, but it is definitely not the same. He knows it is not the same and is asking if everything is ok and if I still want to be his wife and travel around the world with him. It is harder than I thought it would be as I am wounded.

He told me his birth date was 09/07/59 and he has black eyes. No white man has black eyes. Dark brown maybe, but not black.

I feel violated and I am angry that I allowed myself to be emotionally vandalized like this. Unfortunately, there probably isn't any way to stop it. A documentary would be a great educational tool for other women who may fall prey to these scammers.

I will be asking some final questions tonight, and then will be ending it for good. I can't keep talking to him knowing he is not a genuine person. My gut - and my heart - hurt just thinking about it. I am sure he will ask for money eventually, but I will not wait for that moment.

These scammers need to be stopped somehow. I just don't know how. Information and education will help. Until then, I will continue to delete friend requests from strangers unless it is definitely someone I know or that one of my trusted friends can vouch for.

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Nov 13, 2023
Hurt Deeply
by: Anonymous

Yes, we found each other on Facebook Date. We chatted there and then moved to signal web site.
He is 58 years old has a beautiful white dog named Jimmy.

He was married only once for 22 years. No children.

Why, does anyone male or female play such games. Everyone gets hurt!! When is enough - enough. Money and material things don't make a person Happy. Everyone was created to love and be loved. Go to bed with your money and material things - you can't take it with you when your dead. While you're dying no one will want to be by your side either.

You don't treat people like that and accept them to be with you in the end

Sep 10, 2020
Similar experience - Armani Chang Wei
by: Anonymous


Jun 01, 2020
Is this a scammer
by: Anonymous

Do you know A James Stone Clark

Oct 28, 2019
Oil rig scammer
by: Anonymous

Water Francesco Kleitz age 67 lost his wife and a son and only has a daughter left. He is from Oakland California and will be going to work the oil rigs until December when he returns and will fly to be with me and marry me. Claims to be of Italian decent, very handsome photos, very smooth talker and very good with compliments.

Be aware I blocked from Word with friends

Aug 20, 2019
I would block him
by: Anonymous

I did a reverse image search for you, but wasn’t able to find the pictures on any website. I used an app called Image Search.

I was "chatting" with a guy from words with friends and it took him 2 months before he asked for money through google play cards. Then he started chatting with a friend of mine, he said the exact same things to her as he did me.

Called him out on it, said it must be somebody else. These people are master manipulators, and their goal is to win your trust and hopefully you love. If you "love" them when they ask for money, you will give it to them is what they are expecting. When you don’t give them the money they become testy and nasty.

Don’t ever have your full name on words with friends, if you chat outside the app never give them your real phone number or your normal email address. They want to chat on what’s app or hangouts as it uses less data.

I would block this guy if I was you, sorry that you experienced this.

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