Oil Engineer scammer detected

by Be smart

His used name is Christopher Luke Ryan. Be careful, he has a LinkedIn profile, Facebook account, and will add you on WhatsApp and has even a website for his project in oil and energy! https://chrixpamenergy.com/


He will even send you videos on helicopter, so be careful as the voice sound doesn’t match with the video !!!

+44 7405 397592
+44 7784 009378
00 1 (978) 533-4362
00 1 (765) 239-9388

His daughters email : pampamela72@yahoo.com

The story: oil engineer on the rig, no video calls, fall crazy in love with you in two weeks, wants a mother to her daughter whom lost her mom and little brother in a car accident.

She lives with Dannie, the great love of his late mom, who died with cancer!!! Dannie will be in hospital (so maybe will ask for medical fees money).

To know if it’s is a real project website, try to copy paste the text on the services or products description on google and search! You will realize that the website is just a peace of plagia !!!

Never send money never never !

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Jan 17, 2019
Rig Engineer
by: Anonymous

Yes, same story that his wife has passed away. I don't know why they always talked about their wife has passed away!!! Good that you don't fall into his trap!

Jan 17, 2019
Classic scammer profile
by: Anonymous

Multiple first names, engineer, widower possibly with one child. As soon as I started reading the profile alarm bells went off.

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