Oil Contractor Dating Nigerian Scam

by Marian
(Charleston, S.C., USA)

Kenneth Leo??? asked me to be his friend on Facebook, but now I am not sure who he is. He posted a photo of someone who is a good-looking man, maybe Italian in appearance, then I discovered that the rig he seemed to be standing on is a Titan, where he claimed he is on "The high seas" completing a contract that he later on divulged is worth $10 Million Dollars, which was scheduled to be completed on December 16th.

However, leading up to the deadline, he told me that he on-line banks with Bank of America, and that he borrowed $3 Million Dollars, and had only $500,000 remaining in that account, so it was locked so he could not re-load his card, and there is no other way than to complete his contract and go in person to unlock the account when he gets his check.

He claims he is from Brazil, and the photos associated with the FB Account has been stolen, I now have discovered, because the same man's photo is shown on an Internet Talk Show, which my son's friend discovered on Twitter, where the man is either a host or a guest. He claims he has a 15 year old daughter in Boarding School in Bryson City, North Carolina, whose name is Lisa, and she began addressing me as "Mom," once he told her about me.

I thought the letters were strange since they were all written in lower case letters. She claimed that her dad had been so sad since her mother died five years before of breast cancer.

He had me to look for houses for his selection when he arrives in Charleston??? He
claimed his company flies the employees wherever they want to go by private jet. Oh, by the way, he has 10 employees. The issue became when he asked me to see if I can borrow $7,500.00 to load his card, because the card has everything about his contract and everything about his doings in the "High Sea."

I initially looked for lenders, but could not have a loan extended to me, but he kept asking me to see if I could get the loan. It would be essential to completing his contract on time so he could be here before Christmas. He claims that he is a Christian, and kept asking me if I had gone to church every Sunday, since he knows that I am a Licensed Bible Teacher. He has never talked mean, but he addresses me with terms of endearment - calls me honey, baby, my darling wife, and how he wants to spend the rest of our lives together.

He posts sweet graphics, hearts, flowers, etc.... I addressed that he is s scam artist when my son found the photo, and he is saying for me not to listen to the people, and not to have negative thoughts about him as my "husband." I have had his number blocked on my cell phone, and Facebook has blocked him on Messenger with a post that proof of identity is required by him, and I suppose the moderator has seen my posts to him about being a scammer.

His phone number is a New York Area Code of 646-598-8073. If he is Kenneth Leo, also, I ask that the real Kenneth Leo stand up and quash him in his scams.

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Oct 27, 2020
His name is John Walcott
by: Anonymous

My story line is similar to all those I have read below:

1-Oil Platform off coast of Ireland, 400 nautical miles from high sea.

2- His wife died of ovarian cancer and he has had to raise his daughter.

3- His mother was from Greenville, SC, and his father from Ireland. They were Christian missionaries, and he received his education in a farmhouse in Ireland.

4- Has two homes, one in SC and one in Jesup, Georgia.

5- We texted using Hangouts, he was so ready to remove himself from FB chat.

6- I tried calling him, and he said he couldn’t answer because it would cause an explosion.

7-He asked what I drove, I told him, then he sent pictures of his Lexus, and two Mercedes Benz.

8-indeed, he avoids answering direct questions, however, will always ask, May I ask you a question.

9- He is a charmer, but said its inner beauty that counts.

10- Finally, he asks me to do him a favor. He wants me to purchase some things for him. So if I will give him my BANKS ROUTING NUMBER AND CHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBER, he will deposit the money. However, he doesn’t call it by the correct name. I Said, there is no way in hell I would give anyone that information, that is a scamming ploy. Oh that sweet man, turned defensive, saying he did not need my money. Automatically sending me a picture of "his hand" showing 1000.00’s of money. Then I told him to take a picture of himself aboard the platform. He sends me pictures of himself, his oil drillers, and then a copy of his drivers license.

11- Based on all the pictures send to me;
a. I found pictures of the cars online, with exact background.
b. I found the oil drillers pictures in an article on internet.
c. I even found his hand holding money, on the internet, with other pictures of money.
d. Then his address on his drivers license does not exist. The street name was found, but the street number of 3149, does not go past two digits. Google Earth showed me the neighborhood as well. and it is not a neighborhood that you would park his 3 cars, or where a man with money would live.
e. I called Exxon, and asked for HR, I shared all this. I told them I understood they could not give out information on an employee, but could they at least tell me if I am being scammed. They were kind, and told me not to continue to believe this man.

I have pictures of him, but not sure if I can upload. And last, he told me his birthday was 11/3, and his drivers license showed 11/10.
Of course he had reasons for everything I confronted him on.

Please ladies, if It sounds too good, it is. Please do not allow your self esteem to be lowered in any way. Know you are a better person for realizing this, before you fell prey!

ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [but not when you are adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos there and you can also post your own story and photos there:


Oct 24, 2020
I've been hit by 3 in a months time, fell for one and got taken
by: Julie

Bears of guys using these names and military ranks;

Leo Anderson Lewis, Master Sergeant in United States Air Force, age 40/41 (birthday July 1st 1980), claims to be deployed at Joint Mission Group - Ukraine, home base is MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL.

Justin Rivera, Staff Sergeant in United States Army as an EOD technician ( deals with explosives), age 38/39 (birthday September 19th 1980/1981), claims to be stuck stationed at Fort Greely, Alaska, but home base is MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL.

And last but not least,

Cedrick Benjamin Charles, Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps as part of the Delta Force units as a sniper instructor, age 40/41 ( birthday October 10th 1980), supposedly tracking child victims of human trafficking in Syria, not sure what base, but claiming to be from California, in Los Angeles and San Diego.

I have pictures of all 3, the most of the last guy...I would love to get the owners of the actual pictures informed. Stolen valor makes me angry.

Sep 28, 2020
Charles Rawlinson - Engineer, Ayazli Rig
by: Anonymous

Charles Rawlinson Engineer/Contractor Ayazli Rig

Connected to me on Linkedin 8 weeks ago, chased me for weeks for my number so he could whatsapp! I knew from more or less a few days in, this guy is not who he says he is. Wife died, no kids, loves me after a week, wants to marry me and me move to California!! All sound familiar so far?

I checked out his pictures with goggle reverse images and he has a lot of them, they belong to someone in the US military!

His number is listed to a guy with another name, and he's just asked me today for 7300 USD to pay for his equipment to be delivered to the rig!! What a crock. Thank god I saw through this scumbag.

I've just this second blocked him, reported him to the FBI and Linkedin have removed his profile.

WE have to be so careful Ladies, report these scammers, even if it is a little embarrassing, to help each other! Im also going to put his name on a scammer list on Google.

Feel sorry for the handsome guy whos photos he has stolen and is using, bet he doesn't know about this?

Good luck anyone reading this. Be safe.

Aug 29, 2020
Heart broken
by: Terri

I met a man on the game site. It's been 15 months, waiting for him to come. When I first talked to him, he said he was leaving Ohio, to go to a site in Canada. When he got there, we talked, texts and etc.

His name was James Archer. I even checkd his address in Ohio, his phone number which is a voip number, and did everything. Said he had a daughter 16, in broad international school. She just recently, start to text me. He used the hangout and a phone number.

I did scan a picture of him, he said he would explain. But, he will not show his face on FaceTime, because of the oil rig, chemicals. He has asked for gift cards. It hurt to know that people do this to people who are kind, and sweet. Do not fall for him. He had stock in Dubai, and a fake lawyer abudalbora law chambers.

That when I knew this was a scammer. Also the Hangout.

A lesson leaned

May 04, 2020
Jack Ruben
by: Anonymous

Met on Scrabble Go, played some games and chatted there. Then he wanted for us to chat in hangout. Have been chatting for several days now. Lost his wife to cancer. Has 8 year old daughter. He is an engineer on an oil rig in Ayazli Turkey.

Says he is so lonely, needs a friend, wants to give up.

All the alarm bells are going off when I read the postings here.

Thank you thank you thank you.

I have uninstalled scrabble go and hangouts. Am not spending another minute with these apps or with so called players like Jack Ruben.

Apr 25, 2020
Chris Martins
by: Anonymous

I want to know if this man Chris Martins is a real person or a fake facebook profile and if he really works for transocean management ltd or if he is lying to me

Dec 08, 2019
Further info please
by: Anonymous

Do you have any photos for kenneth leo please?

Sep 03, 2019
by: Anonymous

There are so many pieces of "s__t" out there. I’m a victim so report there jerks to the FBI! I did and they were in contact with me about this. The last scam is being investigated by the Romanian government. There is so much of this going on. Please report this!

May 27, 2019
Independent contractor contract dubai
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know of a man called William Kim Soo. Born on October 19, 1960. Wife died four years ago lives in Largo,Fl. He is an independent contractor for oil drilling. Sent me pictures of everything. I did a image reverse search with nothing. His phone is Google voice.

We were suppose to meet and all of sudden he had to leave to Dubai the week of our meeting. Work related. Left and received a contract. Needed.to stay for 2 weeks. Laptop broke need $200. Amazon cards. Received contract and sent for equipment.

Now he needs $3000 because he is missing equipment. I don't know how he does it. But on my birthday sent me pic of him saying I ❤ U with my name. Please beware

Mar 05, 2019
I think my mom is being scammed FACTS!!!
by: Anonymous

My mom told me she has a fiancé but not telling me much of the story, but he has a 12 yr old daughter named tamara who is in Germany and she is with her nanny. The daughter was hit on the head. He is an oil rig contractor for chevron and his name is Alex moore. My mom kept telling me she needed to go to a bank of America.

I have been doing a lot of research and I know she is being scammed by this idiot because there were a few red flags that were thrown up about this whole thing.

Jan 12, 2019
by: Anonymous

I think we might be talking to the same man. I met him on tinder. He says he an independent contractor for an oil company. We have currently been talking for almost 2 months on Hangouts. He moved to Portland Oregon three years ago from Bronx New York. He goes by the name of Charles Bruce. He has two children Terriy & Emily. Who have also sent me emails calling me mom.

And stating how they were upset their dad wasn’t able to get them their iPhones for Christmas or their birthday. He suggested I buy them iPhones, but I replied that being a single mother myself I don’t have money to buy extra iPhones. His wife Lisa died in a car accident a couple years ago, and his children want to him to get back into dating. The newest stories are pirates invaded the oil rig and he fell and hurt himself, and then his mother got hit by a car. I am so dumb, I know all this cannot be real. Hes good and i’ve talked to him and he has a heavy Spanish accent?

The pictures of the person on Facebook and that he is sending me is of a Latino man.

Dec 26, 2018
by: Anonymous

I am torn between is he real or not. We've been talking on the phone for about 7 months and twice a day at least. He says he's spanish, but my family says he is definitely Nigerian. He said he lives in California. I asked him for his social security # and he doesn't have it. He said he cant take pictures or videos because of them causing an explosion on the rig.

Is there a way I could have. The photos he sent me scanned to see if the pics are really him???

Mar 31, 2018
Been scammed
by: Tammy loyd

I think I might have talked to the same man. We talked for about 2 months and he's got one daughter that's with her nanny and her name is Clara.

All the money and what it was for sounds just like him. He said his name was Kelvin Teddy. I knew the whole time he was LYING, I started talking to him at a very low time in my life and he said I was his wife, his queen, and God put us together

Dec 20, 2017
Scam on a rig in the Gulf. Marathon rig
by: Anonymous

This man who is an Independent contractor is on a rig. He claimed that his wife was killed in an auto crash.

I was supposed to be the kind of woman he was lookimg for. I am a recent widow. He wanted to marry me. Only child name Alondra is with her nanny. He needs money for a drill so that he can finish his contract. He wants to meet me and said his name is James William.

Heavy Italian accent. Sent me a picture of himself on a rig. I knew he was not really who he said he was, but was complimented to be called beautiful and the love of his life💝

These creeps are preying on lonely women.....BE CAREFUL!

Sep 20, 2017
419 Derek McCall
by: AnonymousNC

I think my mom is talking to this same guy. He goes by the name Derek McCall and claims to live in Florida, works with oil rigs in the gulf with clean up. He has sent my mom a picture of his hand he hurt on the rig, and also claims to have a school aged daughter who's 16-19 years old.

My mom has been taking to this guy for months, the oddest thing is he doesn't have a real phone number he only can use the App called Google Hangouts. I told my mom that's a red flag right there but she doesn't believe it. Just recently he said he had a contract worth well over 3 million dollars. He said he didn't wanna leave the money on the oil rig due to theft. So he said he would mail the package to my mom and all she needed to do was scan her license and find $8,000 for a processing fee in order to reciecve the funds.

My mom sent me the pictures of the package that he was gonna send and I googled search the pictures and it came back fake. I even told my mom that's not real and proven real, she still doesn't believe me.

She believes this guy is real but I'm sure it's a 419 scam. Has the classic tell tell signs of one. He also said he will be visiting her here very soon when the contract is up. I dont forsee that happening, I see him postponing the trip further.

I'm so disappointed that my mom isn't listening

Apr 03, 2017
Daniel Stubbs - the scammer
by: In the Know

I have been talking to the same type of guy but he calls himself Daniel Stubbs. He claims to be an Oil rig engineer who is working offshore in Texas. He has men that work for him. He plans to retire after this very important contract is over and move to Nashville, Tennessee to be with me.

His phone number is from Houston Texas.

He claimed to be a widow and his wife died 4 years ago and he has a 11 yr. old daughter named Lisa who is in a boarding school in California where he claims to live when home from the rig.
I have received an email from his daughter Lisa calling me mom and how happy she is that I love her dad because he is sad and lonely and that she would love to have motherly love again.

I discovered right away after receiving this email that he was the one actually writing it not his daughter because an 11 year old doesn't right that well and it was just creepy really. LOL

I wasn't on a dating site and he found me by friending me on Facebook. I looked online and found this site about one week into talking to him and thank God I did.

This is scary stuff these scammers.

He talked about God and he asked me if I went to church every Sunday. He sent me Bible verses to read. I hate that he is using God.

He said he sent flowers, candy and teddy bears to me but they never came which is comical.

Wanted me to look for a house that he would buy in 2 weeks when his contract was over and a private school for his daughter and he would come for me and we would get married and grow old together. I'm 52 and he claimed to be 60 years old.

Yesterday he claimed the oil rig blew up and he needed a part. He said all his workers where hurt with one in the hospital dying and he was going to kill himself if he couldn't get the money to buy a part for the oil drill. He even sent me a video of the fire and a picture of his hand with stitches.

Also a picture of the part he needed to buy. Wow he is really trying to get some money right?????
I called him and he was actually crying LOL. I was like 'really he's crying.' Too funny.

He asked me how much money I could send to him and I told him I didn't have any money.

I have blocked him from my phone, and Facebook.

Please beware of these scum bags. I am so thankful I saw this site. Ladies please add your experience with these guys on here for other women to see. I think it may have saved me a lot of trouble.

God Bless you ladies,


Jan 10, 2017
Sad & appalled
by: Anonymous

What is going on in this world, as there are a lot of sick, sick people. No remorse, just plain evil and sons of Belsibab.

Father all mighty God save all women from these evil men.

Jul 02, 2016
Oil Contractor Dating Nigerian Scammer w/ Daughter
by: JANE

I believe a good friend of mine is being scammed.
I cannot get her to believe that she is being scammed. I think the person scamminng her is the same person who calls hisself kenneth Leo except he is going by the name leo adams with my friend.

I would like to talk to someone who could compare
"notes" with me on this. Thank you.


This person goes by Leo or Leopod Adams he uses the email leoadams121@gmail.com. Says he has a young daughter named Traci. Works on a ship.
Had the same money problems and says he is Italian.

A widow.

Jan 25, 2016
Marine Engineer Scam
by: Anonymous

Befriended on Facebook, 2-7-2016, four handsome pictures. Professed love marriage. Said he was marine engineer, Exxon Mobile, container carrier high seas, 9 man under him, contract ends Jan.

31. Divorced, daughter, Clara in boarding school, needed $1,000.00 for a computer for her to be sent to his agent. Said he had sold house in Appalachicola , Fl June 2015.

When contract over , coming to get me, buy house love forever!


Jan 18, 2016
by: Anonymous

He did the same thing but claimed he was Paul. He claimed to love me and to want to marry me after talking to me for a few days. Never asked for money but asked about my financial situation.

Beware of any man online.

Jan 05, 2016
Photo Identification
by: Anonymous

The Photo is probably that of Warren Hall of the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in New York City. If you have spoken to the subject here is a youtube video of the Father speaking so you can compare voices. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5D5w_eHObA

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