Nyland Jonas - Oil Rig Engineer - South Africa

by Sandy
(South Africa)

Met this guy on the Zoosk website. Immediately asked me to chat to him on FB. Claimed he was from Oslo, Norway, but that he had relocated to Cape Town as he had been awarded a multi million dollar contract. He was busy with a project on an oil rig located off Richards Bay South Africa.

Initially very charming, then requests for money came through. There were always excuses as to why he could not send me current photos. I am a hard working, intelligent business woman. I still cannot believe that I fell for his overtures and deceit. My hope is that the real person in the photos will eventually become aware that his image is being used by these scumbags.

Please don't invite people you have never met on to FB.

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Nov 02, 2017
Nyland Jones/Chris Anderson/Beneficiary
by: Anonymous

This picture of Nyland Jones was sent to me by a creep named Chris Anderson about two weeks ago. I was contacted by Chris Anderson on Words with Friends back in August. The photo he used is very similar to this Nyland Jones. That was back in August. His Facebook profile could be the same guy. It was a photo of him laughing with a daughter. He has a "German" accent. But recently he was awarded a 20 million dollar contract in Houston for the Gulf of Mexico.

About two weeks ago he texted me pictures which of course were phony of people on a rig as well as of the rig itself. He included a picture of this man. The original Chris Anderson photos did not have glasses. This last picture he sent me did. But it is definitely the same guy.

He also has a Houston TX phone number. He asked me to be his beneficiary while on the rig in case something happened to me. I was already on to him so of course said no. I am so glad to have seen the picture posted here. Thanks for posting. If you want to write back use the Chris Anderson Beneficiary or the Nyland Jones/Chris Anderson. Thanks again!

Sep 15, 2017
Nyland Jonas Scammer changed name to Adrian Sjoeberg
by: Anonymous

Nyland Jonas has hijacked another poor innocent man's name. He now goes under the name of Adrian Sjoeberg. Same details - born in Oslo, Norway. Currently lives in Cape Town. Looks like these devious scammers select letters of the previous names they used, NAD - JOS, search and select the most suitable FB profile and name to use.

Same stolen photos posted.

Ladies in South Africa - please be vigilant when making contact with middle aged men on any dating website and please do not accept any FB friend requests from people who you have never met. Do not give them your e-mail address or telephone number!

These people are ruthless in their quest for rob you of your money and dignity!

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