Not worth the headache

by Carolyn
(Rolla Mo USA)

I am sorry to say that I was suckered into purchasing a Kerby. The three day trial is not enough time to check it out! In fact I don't remember a three day trial was mentioned! They said that it was in the contract! Well, where is the copy of the contract that they say I was given?

I have looked every where in my house and I have not found a copy of the contract! I don't even see a book around here that was supposed to have been with the vacuum sweeper!

Getting bags is almost impossible because they are never open when I need one! Also half the time it doesn't want to stay running! If I have to I will take them to court for selling me a piece of junk! I have only used this thing twice and because it wont stay running I can't use it when I want to!

I am fed up and I am turning them into the BBB for fraud! When I do call the BBB I am seeking a reversal on the contract! When I went there to tell them that this is a piece of junk and I don't want it! I told them that they are a scam artist and need to be put out of business!

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