Not sure if this is Nigeria but its a scam

Was contacted last month by a Brian Alexender, claims he is a neurologist working for the UN in Damascus Syria. Wooed me for a month with darling, baby, love, and marriage then out of the blue asked me to help him get out as he was afraid to be killed.

He sent me a horrible picture of a soldier covered in blood to get my sympathy and also said he lost his best friend and he was shot in the hand.

He sent me a pic of a bandaged arm. Has anyone had a similar experience with this man. Has a son Harry in boarding school in the uk

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Feb 16, 2018
Got Another GMAIL Message
by: Anonymous

He says his name is

BEWARE as this is how it all started with me. BEWARE of OPERATORMANAGER33 as it looks like a SCAM. It's a picture with him and his dog rolling on the ground. THIS IS HOW IT STARTS!!!!!

Please protect yourselves and lets BAND together to get these scum off the internet so report any and all such emails.

HEADSUP everyone - they're still out there so let's bring AWARENESS through the internet. We can do this!

Yes, I'm a victim and do not want anyone else to be a victim of these scumbags. Take care out there!

We're all OKAY, we just learned a bitter lesson and hopefully we're smarter.

Just remember they are LOWLIFE SCUM OF THE EARTH!

GOD Bless you All!

Feb 12, 2018
My Experience is Very Much the Same
by: Anonymous

This mental midget claimed to be a Orthopedic Surgeon who was also afraid of getting killed and needed money to get out of Syria. He Sent me pictures of the wounded with legs, arms missing very bloody photos to substantiate his BS.

What can I say at this point except that JOKER is the one with the $5500 that I sent.

Said he has a daughter back home in Austin, Texas being cared for by a caregiver because his wife died in a car accident.

But let it go and if we're lucky a BOMB will blow his head off.

let's keep our fingers crossed.

Hang in there, better days are ahead for you. So sorry that you had to experience something like this.

Jan 11, 2018

Similar story different profession. I was sent a video from an oil rig engineer, and it showed men on an Oil Rig in the open sea being over taken by huge waves and within seconds it showed this man
In the emergency taking photos of a very bloody
Hand asking for money for pain meds.

I wrote back you could not possibly be in that much pain if you can take selfies of your wound and I also Said is this not unsanitary to be using your phone In the hospital near your opened would,

I Recently deactivated my Instagram account
Because scams are running rapid on there, so everyone be very cautious, never pay for love

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