Not sure if i did the right thing

by Russ
(West virginia, united states)

Hello everyone. I met a woman on She seemed very nice and I got hooked. I'm not sure if it is a scam or not because I really like her. she's from Ghana which is a red flag from what I read but I kept talking to her. I've been talking to her now for three months morning and evening hours at a time. She said her mother left her and her father and took everything they had and its been a struggle ever since.

She told me she had a beauty shop which was destroyed in a storm. She told me she had a boyfriend when she was 18 and by the time she was 20 he had to move back to turkey. She said she has been by herself ever since. I wanted her to visit me because I thought and still do think we get along great. I started sending her money for a visa and passport which was 650 dollars for each. I continued to send her more money for other things that she said happened to her.

The one thing was the kitchen windows were blown out by a storm. I sent her money to repair that and then I sent her money for airfare to come here but before she could come though something happened to her father so I sent her money to help her father and because of that she had to postpone the flight for a later date.

Then she said her father needed a device so he could get better after the operation he had so I gave her money for that. The day for her to come to me was approaching and she was getting ready to come. She said that before she left her father surprised her with 121 pounds of gold and what she told me was she tried to smuggle it past the guards. She got caught and was detained by immigration.

I got a call from someone telling me she was arrested and I was able to even talk to her which I liked because I finally heard her voice which was nice. The straw that broke the camels back was when she said she needed 30,000 dollars and to tell you the truth I was going to send it. I did a lot of thinking that night because I was emailing her lawyer or who ever he was concerning how to send it.

I even went so far as to take the money out of my mutual fund. I decided not to send the money. I don't know if I did the right thing or not because my heart is broken. I have never been through this before that's it for me. I'm finished with the whole online dating scene.

So that's my story.

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May 17, 2018
Kristen Miller
by: Anonymous

Never send western union or credit card money overseas. 99% of all sites or when they contact you via F B messenger are FAKE. Play along for fun if desired and when its time to send WU use a fake number. IE 030-624-1864 10#,s - 3 then 3 then 4 numbers. Make them chase around for a few days. The lady who messed with me on F B was real name Imoro Muaza Tamale Ghana.

They are 31 yrs old and they use other people.

BE warned.

Feb 04, 2018
I hate to tell you
by: Anonymous

She’s a scammer. If in fact shes a she.

You better stop sending her money. She’s a fake.

Your story is the story of a scam.

If you don’t stop now you’ll lose your heart and your bank account.

Those folks are professional con artists. And once they know you're hooked they will take you for all you have.

I’m speaking from experience. 1 years worth of time and money wasted

Don’t let this happen to you please.

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