Not a Scam but not aGet Rich Quick Scheme either!

by Karen

I have been with Primerica for almost a year and like any direct sales company, they have a product meant to be sold directly to the customer in a warm market.

This means that without using national advertising (a huge waste of money), the company uses word of mouth to influence buyers through happy customers.

Let's say, I come to your house and show you the products and you like them. Would you deny your family and friends the opportunity to obtain products and services from a reputable company? Of course not! Instead, I would hope that you would let me speak to your friends and family about the products at Primerica and perhaps help them as well.

Ah, but lets say you really like the Primerica products, and your mind sees that you can make your own business selling the products that Primerica has to offer. Since the goal is to build a team of salespeople, do you think I want you to learn how to do what I do? Of course! If, for the simple reason that I want more income, I will be happy to introduce you to the business to see if it is right for you.

As a result, you will get an opportunity to earn your LEGITIMATE License to sell insurance. This is a government regulated license. You will be required to pass the government regulated examination. No other Direct Sales business requires you to obtain a license and comply with government regulations, does it?

Ok, so about a month after joining, you have your Insurance License and you can now sell Primerica insurance products. Guess what, You have only paid out a joining fee of $99 and Primerica covered your remaining government and testing fees. In fact, you can get a free version of the online service for representatives and never pay out another dime in fees.

So where is this Scam???

I think any opportunity has costs. If you do well initially with Primerica, further opportunities for growth exist. Like any job or business, isn't the end goal to have other
people working under you so that you can make more. Are you a manager or business owner because nobody works under you? NO!

Is this some kind of wobbly infinite pyramid that channels tons of money to the top and leaves the bottom stranded and weak? NO WAY! Yes, you get commissions, and your commissions grow depending on how many people have joined through you, but, it's not an infinite structure. There is a point where your business can grow enough to split off from the parent.

And, guess what, if any of your people leave the business, which happens as often as with any opportunity, the customers are not abandoned. They are still part of the Primerica customer list and will still be able to purchase insurance and any other Primerica products from you.

I am currently a part-time Primerica representative and I have not yet taken the leap to full-time but I can say that only I limit my business development. I choose how much time I will spend in this business and right now, I am happy with what I get out of my commitment. In fact, I would say that I have spent most of the year testing Primerica against my own objections. Primerica keeps passing the test.

If you want to know more, go find your local Primerica 'Base Shop' and attend the next Opportunity Night. It's free and skeptics are welcome. Ask all the questions you want to ask. You may learn something about money you didn't previously know.

If, as a result, you are interested in the business, speak to the person who owns the office and they will help you get started. If you have the desire to do well, you will do well. If you have no desire, you will just flounder and fail and blame everyone else but yourself.

Maybe you came to this site for proof that Primerica is rip off or scam. I can honestly say that the very small amount of money I have used for my start-up is well spent.

Good Luck and Prosperity to you!

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Jan 26, 2016
The Scam is ......
by: Toolbelt

Ask any new recruit why they joined. You will hear the following;
1. Easy way to make money
2. lots make $5k a month
3. Once you build a team, you can sit back and earn off them
4. be able to retire young
5. be my own boss
6. have a trophy blonde wife like all RVPs (gold digger)
7. lots of trips to win

Well, if it was that easy, why have only 1% of the 500,000+ reps over 38 years ever earned more than $50k (before expenses) in only one, possibly more, 12 month rolling window?

Jan 25, 2016
Recruits are clients/clients are recruits
by: Anonymous

Although Primerica doesn't indicate what percentage of their policies sold are made internally (to recruits or Reps), the number of new policies sold annually is directly related to the numbers recruited, and all new recruits are asked to have an FNA where a term policy is suggested.

When plotted on a bar graph, the two are almost identical. Typically, the number of new policies sold is about 2 1/2 times the numbers in their sales force, and the numbers recruited each year typically runs at that same 2 1/2 times do the math!

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