Norwegian Engineer - Mike J. Sheppard

by MP


HANDSOME, GODLY, Only one daughter named EMILY 17 Y/O!He goes by the name of Mr. Mike Sheppard, 56 y/o. Currently at the Gulf of Mexico on Oil Rig. Last contract. Lives in CA, mother in an elderly home. Father deceased.

Shared that he came from Norway, VERY HEAVY ACCENT, only attended senior year in the US and University. MISSPELLED WORDS! Emily attends an boarding school in Texas. Born in the US.

Interesting cyber romance for the past 3 months. Has not asked me for any monies, but has shared that the machine needs work/parts. I told him that I entrust him to find a way to get the machine parts and continue his "engineering" work.

Provided me with two property addresses that "belongs" to him. Different cities, yet, SAME ZIPCODE...Are you serious?

Emily's emails, TOO MANY MISSPELLED WORDS! For someone who is being higly educated. GRAMMAR is a major concern.

She claims to be so "hungry" for a mother figure. Immediately began to call me "MUM" and welcomed my sons as "my brothers" ... TOO FUNNY!

I have never spoken to EMILY, according to him she "LOST" her phone...GREAT! I pressured him to wanting to speak to "MY DAUGHTER". HE felt cornered, provided me with a number. I looked up the number and it's located in MA a LANDLINE number. (REALLY?).

Number just rang, but when I told him, the very next day, I received 2 calls from the same number, I did not want to pick it up. Then later on, I called the number and it NOW HAS VOICEMAIL...(FUNNY UH?)..

"EMILY" and I exchange emails, according to her, "WIFI" is I can never see her. I asked her to go to one hotspot, where we can video chat...NEVER HAS

I speak to this "HANDSOME GHOST" in a soft voice, never have I showed him anger. I advise him with kind words and soft voice, "BABY, when you are going to do something wrong, make sure you do it RIGHT!"

I have told him " I am not the game, I am your favorite player" (HE KNOWS I KNOW)
I have asked him "baby, please allow me in your world, I am a mastermind as you are".

I have not yet, confronted him with some of his OTHER mistakes. But one thing I did tell him, always with a soft voice... "Honey, I have a feeling that you are EMILY"!

"Emily" has a caretaker by the name of Mr. Linus.
I told Mike, "EMILY, LINUS and MIKE are all the same person" There was no sound...I wonder if he was surprised to have heard that!

He goes to "fellowship" on Sundays...NICE RIGHT!
Claims to wanting to meet me so bad because he has fallen in love with me. Wants to marry me! Propose to me in front of my family! I have become is life!!!!!

Now, that the machine is broken, we spent a great deal of time texting and talking. I am now infatuated with this "GHOST, VOICE, TEXT". I now want to stay connected to continue the intrigued conversations. However, I keep asking myself, WHY DOES HE NOT GIVE UP ON ME!

WHAT does he want from me?

I know I have to STOP this "CYBER LOVE" LOL, but I honestly will say, I will miss him, whoever this is, whereever he is at...He will forever be..."MY GHOST". (smile)

I am sorry for the individual whose picture this "ghost" has pretended to be...
and very sorry for all who has fallen in this unfortunate and sad scam.


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May 22, 2021
Mike Sheppard
by: Anonymous

Is on America-Dating as Wealth Oscar age 55.

Apr 11, 2017
Sigurdson Nathan Daniel
by: Anonymous

Could you show me a photo of him as he sounds like the same guy. I need to see those profile picture of him on Facebook if this is the same person because he needs to be stopped trying to scam females.

He told me he was in the army and I want to put a stop to him.

Feb 13, 2017
Scammer daniel nathan sigurdson
by: Anonymous

Hello, it seems to be the same person. Gave the name Daniel Nathan Sigurdson 59, widow with a 10 years old daughter Emily. Said he's canadian but moved on to USA and then 5 years ago lost his wife and moved again to London as he couldn't stand to live there anymore. Emily was in a boarding school in LA. He fell in love after a week or more.

Petroleum engineer and as a private contractor got a project in Kenya Nairobi and said left to it for 90 days. Never spoke or wrote to Emily even when he said he was giving me the email.

He sent me some pics and have some on his fb profile. His profile in fb crashed twice and now still closed. I spoke twice to him on the phone. He started asking for money as things in Kenya were really bad and AMEX gold didn't work and so on.

He sent me even a fake contract signed by the Ministry of Works of Kenya. Found out he's a scammer and found out to who pics belong. It seems these pics are stolen from many scammers. Warned him of what I found out but he kept writing and telling me those were his pics and someone else was scamming me but not him, and he is real and really loves me.

Once I sent him a video with the real owner of the pics in and heard his voice I told him that was the real man of the pics and a famous one living in Texas and is a PT and even the voice was not the same. Then suggested him to be the man I found on scam sites and I haven't received anymore emails.

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