NO means NO but not to Kirby Salespeople

by Lisette
(Tracy, CA, USA)

I had a Kirby salesman come to my door and offer carpet cleaning services saying he was from a new carpet and grout cleaning company. I said no, but offered to take a card or flyer in case I wanted those services in the future.

He had no materials to give me, just a laminated flyer. I wrote down the business name and address and told him to have a good day.

As I started to shut the door, he pushed it open and wanted to come inside my house to look at my carpet and use my restroom. Pushing my door open caught me off guard and I gave him 30 seconds to get off my porch and back on the street before considering it a home invasion and calling 911.

It wasn't until I looked up the company that I found out it was an independen Kirby distributor. Most people are nicer than I am so I can see how they get you to sit for a sales pitch. But when part of your training teaches you how not to take no for an answer, I compare that to the mentality of a rapist.

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