No id on them or the van.

by John
(Brandon fl)

First off a very pretty girl come running up the driveway waving her hands and said is the man of the house available. Then I said yes. I said what is it you're selling or anything she says well we want to do a demonstration for a vacuum.

She comes in the house and hands me some paperwork with no identification then a large man at the door is knocking on the door and he has the vacuum and no sooner I open the door up he comes in Acts polite but then I look out and there's several other people in the van and none of them have IDs and no ID on the van and it takes about two and a half hours to go through all this.

The Sheriff Department said when I called them that there was no crime done and they took my complaint off the list to come out and see me. They did not and I did get the tag number from the van in it if anything happened in the neighborhood.

They can't do a thing if it was legit. I think Kirby needs to re-evaluate their technique on selling vacuum cleaners very seriously somebody may get hurt one day.

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Sep 03, 2017
by: Cynthia

My one question WHY would you let anyone in your house You do not know. Call the police and do not ever enter your home with a stranger. They could have robbed or killed you.

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