Nigerian scams on Linkedin detected

by Anonymous

Hello, this crook contacted me on Linkedin. His name was Micheal Dominic. Thanks to this site we only talked for 3 days. We asked him to talk on camera. Did not want. He justified that they are interfering, that there is a danger of fires on the platform.

He sent me some pictures of the fire that had taken place the day before. The pictures were much smaller in size, so I became suspicious. I did a search for the image and discovered that the fire had taken place in Mexico in 2010.

I then started looking for it from the pictures he sent me. That's how I got to your site. He didn't ask me for money because he didn't have time. I blocked it. On Linkedin I commented on his profile and I put the link to this site. As a result, he deleted his account there. I only have the phone number that is located in Beauchamp Texas +1(409)794-6081.

He told me the same things, he declared his eternal love. He told me he wanted us to get married. Having the information from you, I agreed. I set the wedding date for December 4th. Then I asked him if he was a time traveler (I was actually referring to the fire that had taken place in Mexico 2010, and he had told me that it had taken place on 10.09.2020).

He did not understand the term timetravel. That's how I ended up blocking him. I'm sorry he deleted his Linked account quickly because not many people read my comment.

I identified 8 women he had contacted. I'm glad you exist and I hope you identify as many crooks as possible.

ED: Thank you for your kind comments

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Sep 14, 2020
Scammer on LinkedIn
by: Anonymous

Yes. There's more scammers day by day on Linkedin, a professional working website. I met 3-4 persons there. They sent the connect request. Ladies think it's a professional website, so don't believe it has a scammer. But it's easy to recognize the scam.

They always fall in love with you in a very short time after chatting, and can or can't make a video call with you (1 scammer accepted the video call with me, but finally, he is a scammer 😃), and they will move onto another chatting platform soon out of LinkedIn.

Note that they are always a high position, as manager, director, engineer, even
Ladies be careful with all men who fall in love with you after even 3 days. Crazy.

Be strong and be wise ladies.

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