Nigerian Scammers

by L A Gray

Beware of these Nigerian scammers:

Terry Mckay e-mail, a scammer from Nigeria claiming to be from London Uk. He says he has a 8 year old son, an artist, posing as an innocent caucasian man with his sons photo, professes love fast, and lears you off the dating site, then the stories start.

He claims to be in Lagos, and his art goods have been withheld at the lagos sea port, asks for money to get his "goods out". First hint- pictures do not look right, red flag asks for money, third, makes you feel bad for not helping. Will continue bribe until he gets your money.

Scammer: Festus Peter, used a handsome looking mans photo from an hawaiian photo agency -

Lears you off the dating website, professes love, and he has you call him (very expensive to call Africa). He says he's in London U.K., appears wealthy, then he says he got into a vehicle accident with his BMW.

Needed me to send him 4000 Pounds to help him.(Red Flag)DO NOT SEND ANYONE MONEY! I checked the photo and found it on a scammer website. Huge Scammer!

Scammer: Harris Packer another fraudulent from nigeria:

Not very good at what he does, easy to catch on. Gets you off the dating site, is not good at spelling, Note - many scammers especially, Nigerian scammers have poor grammer!(red flag).

Professes Love, says he has a son and he could not pay for his son's school fees, yet he says he has a good job. He says he cannot use his credit card in the country, but he is there for work. He says he is from london U.K.

His profile says otherwise(Red Flag)as the profile says Chicago U.S. When talking to your "date" keep notes on their accent, as Nigerians have similar accents.

Scammer: Andy Garcia, "not the original, who played a role in (Coyote Ugly)"

Scammer using the "original Andy Garcia Picture"(Victim) what a poor scammer! again not good at what he does. Ladies Watch out for this!

This man did not even know whose picture he was using "funny". Ladies and Gentlemen NEVER SEND MONEY!

I hope this helps you all! All of the above were on WAYN.COM. They have been reported and also I have reported the above to WAYN.COM.

NOTE: research before you go on a website, especially if you are new to a dating website, widowed, appear to have money! - then you are a Target.

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