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Men getting scammed
by: Anonymous

The pattern is basically the same for women scamming men, Women use attractive photos, select their target, - lonely, vulnerable, men who may have money.

Age does not matter as they are not looking for love. It could also be a male at the other end using an innocent womens picture. Many times scammers are both men and women doing the scam together, OR A GROUP!

This is difficult to tell. Men need to be aware just as much as Women. Again watch out for behavioural patterns, early profession of love, photos(are they from a photo agency?)

Do they ask for money?

Detail conflictions in personal profile? The above are all RED FLAGS. ALWAYS RESEARCH IF YOU ARE SUSPICIOUS!DO NOT SEND MONEY! NO MATTER WHAT!

international scams
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your information as it is very useful to help people to identify scammers.

There are a few clues so be on guard. The first red flag is the UK as many scammers claim to be from UK.

Another clue is that they have good or interesting jobs, like engineers or satellite designers...yea right.

Erick Peters is a supposed Engineer from the United Kingdom who involves you with nice romantic letters and poems. His accent is not British.(first alert).

He offers to send expensive gifts (second alert) via air courier Sky Line, (linked to internet fraud). The parcel was supposed to be sent to Central America and ended up in Malaysia. I was asked to send $700.00 to get the parcel sent to CA. which I didn't.

The result was no more communication with Erick Peters.

Later on, I found out this scammer has taken money from many women using this cover.
American single father, engineer, satellite designer, sent to Africa with son included, very good looking profile picture and tender scenes with his son.

All of a sudden there is a request for money to buy medicine for his little boy with a heart condition. I didn't send the money, so he was trying to make me feel guilty for not helping him. The result was no further communication.

I meet these two guys on

I hope this information can help other people from being hurt by a professional scammer. Men can also be victims of scamming

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