Nigerian Scammer.....Beware of David Parr

by Phyllis
(Benton, Arkansas, USA)

I was approached by a man on Datehookup that went by txdavid22. He claimed residence in Irving Tx. Self employed engineer. His profile was well written and the photos were of a very nice looking man, one of which had his daughter in.

He contacted me on the site and, like others, asked to start conversing thru yahoo messenger. We communicated over yahoo messenger for weeks, he sent me beautiful emails also, claiming to have fallen in love with me, etc.

Yes, I fell for it. He seems like a dream come true. Then, hell started.

He lost his wallet while working in London that had all of his credit cards in it that he used for travelling. He had no money to get his daughter and him food. Yes, I sent him money. Long story short, he continued to "run into trouble" getting back home and needed money time after time. I fell for it and sent him more money.

Then, he hit me with a phony inheritance that he needed me to be beneficiary on so that the funds could get transferred to an account in my name in the states. I started investigating the lawyer that sent an email to me who supposedly was representing him and couldn't find the laywer on internet anywhere.

I just recently told him to f---k off, but just so sorry that I didn't tell him that sooner, before sending him my hard earned money. I feel weird because I know that the photos of who I thought I was communicating with where of some innocent man and not who was telling me all those beautiful things and it hurts terribly.

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Nov 06, 2013
Sgt David Párr.
by: Anonymous

I met this guy at Badoo, he told me that he is in US Military that has been in Afganistán from 2011 and he needs a leave request from me to send to his commandent or superior.

I just find out that he's using somebody else pictures pretending that he's Parr, and he made few mistakes with me. He told me he's sgt and his uniform range is from liutenant.

He calls me from área code number from Nigeria +234 806 525 0125 then he called me again from prívate number as soon as I told him that i don't have money he just hang out.

Dec 13, 2012
by: Phyllis

I'm so glad to hear that you didn't fall for his bs. I wish I hadn't of.

I saw him on datehookup using the username that you mentioned in your response to me and I flagged the profile as a scam. Not long after, the profile was off.

I have since flagged several other profiles as possible scams because, after my ordeal, I definitely look for signs in their profiles....before this happened to me, I probably would have been one to say that I would never let a thing like this happen to me, but it's taught me to "never say never"!!

And it's taught me to definitely be very cautious from now on. I'm really having a hard time trusting anyone that contacts me on dating sites now.

Thanks for responding.....

Nov 27, 2012
He Approached Me Also
by: Anonymous

This same guy approached me on DateHookUp using the name mo_lowo22 and yahoo IM as d.parr22.

Please be aware of him using these names also. I researched him and this came up with his name David Parr after he asked me to help him because he lost his wallet and needed money for food for his daughter and himself until he could get his credit cards.

He was still in London, contract engineer, and residence in Irving, TX. Everything he told you was what he told me...his daughter and the pictures. I didn't fall for his BS.

Just wanted to let everyone know that he changes his name so please watch out for him! I would post the pictures here but, I cannot.

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