Nigerian Scammer

by Cheryl Bennets

Well ladies look out for the name Dr Danny Lott Simpson as I was totally taken in by him. I met him on FaceBook & he said he was an Othopedic Surgeon & we should talk on Hang Out App.

So I was texting him for 7 months and I was totally Green to all this. I didn’t really like him that much at first though he was full of him self. His wife died 8 years ago of cancer & his son was in Ghana. His son had a tumour on his Heart that was non cancerous and his spelling & pronounimg words were not good.

He was in Aleppo Syria and it was very difficult there & his son needed money because he had no way of getting money to him and could I send $500 Australian as he had no way of sending it there.

This man was so believable and asked me to marry him and said he was going to give me a $200,000 ring & was going to buy a house here & he could never talk on the phone. He’s on FaceBook again now but didn’t say he’s an Orthopedics surgeon.

So the poetry he sent me was unreal & he was a real romantic. I had not heard from him in a few days & a Dr David Randell emailed me saying Danny had been shot & needed to get better medical attention so I had to get Vacation money to get him out of there of $5000 Australian but I said I didn’t have the money.

His camp got bombed by Rebels so I hadn’t heard from him since the 2nd of April because he was in Hospital. I did give him a Apple phone card which I took a photo and I was totally stupid but I was not going to give that $500 or $12,000

He said he was given $2.7 million to do the work there & it was in Citibank in Ghana & he would give me 20 percent of his money & I said no it is your money

So I told him I’m going to the federal Police & his son Harry called me mom.

BEWARE ladies

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May 19, 2018
by: Anonymous

I too was sucked in by the con men they are. Never gave him a dime. I was suspicious of how fast he said I love you and want to marry you. I questioned it many times. The poetry must come from a list they have, they certainly know how to woo a women. What we have to understand is the picture is most likely NOT them and they pretty much go by a script.

All of them seem to be widows and are out of the country for work etc. We also have to realize it is like being in love with a handsome man from a romance novel. They are NOT real "They" don’t really exist. It is a fantasy they spin to rip people off.

It is cruel because they try to emotionally pull you in. I never said I loved him, ever, because I was suspicious from the beginning. Just remember it is all a fantasy. Just a cruel game to scam innocent people.

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