Nigerian scammer

by Sharon

Richard Seaton sent me a friend request on Facebook, but then introduced himself on messenger as Richard Kyle. Said he was an oil rig contractor in the gulf of mexico. He had 2 sons Bryan and Derek and he lived in Essex.

He said he needed 18 grand to fix machines then he was coming for me. I blocked him but then another man messaged me telling me to unblock Richard. I ignored them both. Then he started to email me with declarations of love.

Again I blocked him. Then he somehow got my landline number and called me numerous times. I then got a Google security alert that someone was trying to sign in to my gmail account. The up came from Muscat in Oman and another from Ikoyi in Nigeria. I changed my password straight away.

Then one morning, when I finally thought I was rid of him, I got a notification to say Google hangouts has been successfully installed. I opened it and there was a message from Richard saying he was not happy with the way I was treating hm. He then added about Karma coming to get me!.

Needless to say, he has got my gmail account and I can't sign into any of my Google accounts. I have lost contacts and personal stuff because of him.

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May 11, 2018
Nigerian scammer
by: Anonymous

My god, yes, now I know why with me everywhere only Nigerians appear. Where I am and stand in the net only these guys make you feel like in Big Brother.

Then you have to recompense the same with the same. Where are the photos of the one who stole, but please MARK WITH *my pictures were stolen by a filthy scammer so CAUTION*?

So I do that everywhere - on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, where ever it's possible. In Facebook, there are always photos

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