nigerian scammer again

by silvio

I received a message from a nice looking lady from a date site..

She said her name was Mary Badilla living in Ohio with her Grand Ma,,,from the start she said she luved me,,im the one etc,,,,,then she asked me to wire money because grand ma needed groceries,,,,

I said i'll visit and bring money,,,oh no,,grand ma wont allow it,,but she was always asking for me....then she confessed she was in Nigeria on a work project,,,but she wanted to be with me so she asked me to wire dollars,,,she called once,,and couldnt even speak for somone who grew up in ohio...then when labor day came and i was off from work, she didnt even know what labor day was,,,,,,,i knew it was a scam from the start,,so i played with its head,,,,,ask about an american holiday,,,if they dont know it,,,,u know ur being scammed...

Good luck,,and beware of Mary Badilla

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